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Lėktuvų techninės priežiūros darbai.


Aviacinis išsilavinimas;
Geros anglų k. žinios;
Darbo patirtis mechanikos srityje (pvz. autoservise) būtų privalumas.

Mes jums siūlome

Patirtį tarptautinėje aviacijos bendrovėje;
Galimybę mokytis ir tobulėti.
Siųsti savo CV

UAB "FL Technics"

AB "FL Technics"
FL Technics is a global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft maintenance and repair. The company renders one-stop-shop maintenance solutions to aircraft operators, owners, lessors and other service providers from Europe, the CIS and Asia-Pacific. With offices in Lithuania, Russia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Serbia and Malaysia, the company provides services in its base maintenance facilities in Lithuania, as well as through an extensive network of Line Maintenance stations across Europe, the CIS and Asia-Pacific. FL Technics is a member of Avia Solutions Group, a WSE listed global provider of one-stop-shop aviation business solutions.

In 2010 FL Technics was recognized as the best aircraft maintenance and repair organization (MRO) in Russia. In 2011 the company became the world’s fastest growing MRO provider. In the following year FL Technics, in cooperation with Aviation Week, the global leader in aviation news and information services provider, organized Lithuania’s first international aviation conference. It was the largest event of such a kind in the entire Eastern Europe. In 2013 FL Technics was recognized as 11th most valuable company for Lithuania and its society.

We are grateful to our team for everything that we have achieved, and the company is always looking to bring more talented people into our business. FL Technics seeks people with a desire to build and develop their career in aviation as well as an outstanding passion for being the best.
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