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Šiuo metu įmonė neturi aktyvių skelbimų.

UAB „Blokapita“

We are here to build the next digital world and foster the development of distributed ecosystem by enabling every participant to seek and find answers. Blockchain technology is bounded to transform flows of value, governance, finance and virtually every aspect of our society. We are inspired to be taking part in the foundation of a new era.

Within the next years blockchain technology will have a breathtaking impact and an established, responsibly managed focal role in the global economy. Coinspace is built to become the homepage for blockchain ecosystem.

If you are passionate (if not - we’ll make you) about blockchain space and want to apply / learn new skills - come join us and take part in the most fundamental shift of our lifetimes! We promise you that not a single day will be a dull moment. Our team is quite distributed, so don’t be afraid to apply from furthest parts of the planet.