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Job description

We are a recruitment company in Iceland. We are looking to hire construction workers and other workers from Lithuania.
Our staff here in Iceland is helpful and friendly. We will help with housing, help you with all the paperwork you need and help you with everything to get settled in Iceland. We will be available to you all the time you are employed by us here in Iceland. Minimum time working in Iceland are 3 months. Salaries are from 1.800 to 2.500 EUR. The longer you stay and the better job you do, you can get higher salaries. You need to be able to speak some English (we are not looking for fluent English but you have to able to make yourself understandable and be able to understand simple instructions). We are specially looking for workers and professionals for construction and maintenance of buildings but other employments as well.

Now we need workers that can operate and have license to control Building Crane and that have experience of working with putting up molds for concrete. We also need a leader to control this work.

This is what we need at the moment - look at Video on Youtube


Willing to live in Iceland for at least 3 months;
Diploma or experience.

We offer

  • We pay the plane ticket to Iceland for you but if you work less than 4 months we take it back from your salaries. (there is a reason for this that we can explain to you)
  • We help you get registered here in Iceland so you can get “kennitala” which is a register number every person has in Iceland.
  • We help you open a bank account.
  • We help you get work permission.
  • We can buy insurant for you. But best if you get Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) from your country. All people in EU countries have a right to get one. Then you are the same here as an Icelandic person.
  • When you come we give you a sim card with 3000kr credit (around 22 €).
  • We have housing for you. You pay from 280 to 490 € a month taken from you salaries. It depends if you are one – two or three in a room.
  • You don´t pay anything extra like electricity or heating. We pay that unless you are renting your own apartment.
  • We provide ride to and from work unless the work is in walking distant (15-20min).
  • We are available to you all the time you work for us here in Iceland and you can call us at any time.
  • There will be some food for two to three days at the home where you live when you arrive in Iceland.
  • We pick you up from the airport and show you around and drive you to your apartment.
  • If your contractor suddenly don´t have work for you something changes we still pay you as you are employed by us and not them.


1800–3000 Eur taxes excluded
Prospect of increasing

Verkleigan ehf / ICE job

We are a recruitment ( labour hire) company. We hire people to work for other comapnies.

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