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With over 10 million customers, 30 million monthly visits and 16 million products, is the leading online retail platform in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our roots are as a ‘traditional’ online retailer, but we embrace a platform-first philosophy. Case in point: one in three orders is fulfilled by our partners. And while we do have a few international ‘platform peers’, we don’t copy/paste their practices. Instead, we opt for a localized and personalized approach. Data-driven and adventurous, we fully intend to deliver on our promise to make life easier and more fun for our customers.

As a digital native, we thrive on IT. We currently employ 500+ IT professionals (25% internationals), who comprise 90+ autonomous Scrum teams. Our primary tech stack includes Java (8), Kotlin, GO and Google Cloud stack. If you are into windmills, wooden shoes and code that inspires 10 million people, you’re more than welcome to hop aboard. We guarantee a safe landing in The Netherlands and offer the relocation support