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Brand Marketing Manager for RED BULL team

2976-4133 €/mėn. Neatskaičius mokesčių
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Vilnius - MV GROUP


The Marketing Manager is responsible for the can and the media business.
He/she focuses on turning brand lovers into can lovers, ensuring that Red Bull is the consumer’s first choice of energy drink.
He/She understands the local consumer, take full ownership of the business strategy and values, and develop the country marketing plan.
He/she sets short and mid-term objectives to achieve a desirable and relevant brand image, increase product understanding and trust, and overall brand value.

Strategic Direction and Rightness of Brand Priorities
  • Ensures that the overall country business plan addresses the challenges to win new consumers and confirm existing ones. Develops and takes full ownership of the marketing part of the annual business plan.
  • Builds, establishes and grows the Red Bull Media House. This involves quality content and program creation as well as content commercialisation; the introduction and operation of own media channels, products and services as well as intensified media relations to optimise content distribution in TV, digital, radio, print and mobile.
  • Generates consumer insights with the Brand Team to win new consumers, shapes ATL and BTL strategies, steers the right product and packaging portfolio as well as consumer pricing decisions and shapes marketing and trade investments.
  • Leads an efficient and targeted wings team program to drive trial among new and infrequent users, across all relevant consumption occasions and to increase product understanding and trust with consumers.
  • Leads an effective and efficient student brand manager program to build a loyal Red Bull consumer base among students, to increase awareness and desire for the brand, and to foster a positive product and brand perception at universities.
  • Builds and leads a strong sports program that builds on the country-specific sports and athlete scene and helps build a relevant and appealing local face of the brand while staying in line with the global sports strategy and delivering against the country’s brand objectives and priorities.
  • Guides the culture team in establishing a credible culture program – music in particular -- that positions the brand as an authentic player in the relevant scenes, and which contributes to the business success of the country.
  • Ensures the right balance between sports and culture for the specific market circumstances.
  • Always ensures the product is at the heart of marketing efforts by facilitating collaboration and effective ways of working between marketing and on and off premise teams
  • Brand/ trademark protection and control of ED Law implementation.

Marketing Innovation
  • Acts as an entrepreneur. Spearheads and fosters creation and innovation, and ensures Red Bull seizes all relevant opportunities to strengthen the brand, the can and media business while preserving its global equity.
  • Leads the creation and execution of consumer relevant sport events, defending our leading role in action sports and in motorsports whilst tapping into highly relevant local sports.
  • Drives top athlete-performance program as a top innovator in sports marketing globally and ensures 360-degree plans around top athletes.
  • Drives innovation in the field of culture, strengthens Red Bull culture properties and makes Red Bull a key player in all important music scenes.
  • Manages and collaborates with the Brand Manager to build an advertising plan in line with global strategy that addresses country specific issues and opportunities with the right messages, that drive TOM awareness, brand image and tune-ins for Red Bull TV.
  • Generates innovative digital (media) initiatives to expand reach and engage the young consumer, particularly through social media.

Premium Appeal and Executional Excellence
  • Thinks and acts digital/social in all we do to increase consumer engagement with the brand, to start and maintain consumer dialogue particularly in social media.
  • Fosters a strong opinion-leader network in culture and entertainment to drive brand image and visibility with credible drinking scenes.
  • Increases brand and product placements in scene and mainstream media to drive TOM awareness, brand image and word-of-mouth.
  • Supervision of media outcome, monitoring and analysis.

Organisational Capabilities and Enabling Structure
  • Builds the annual objectives for the marketing team and conducts on-going, mid-year and end of year performance evaluations.
  • Fosters collaboration across departments on the country level, and with the global HQ and Red Bull Media House to drive a 360 degree approach with relevant initiatives in order to increase impact and efficiency.
  • Ultimately responsible for sourcing, hiring and training the marketing team based on a thorough understanding of strengths and development needs.
  • Identifies and nurtures key talent for the potential space-to-shine opportunity.
  • Spends adequate time in the field with marketing team to instill strong collaboration, motivation and connectives for all team members.

  • Delivers the marketing business plan with the goal to achieve the country business plan for the can and the media business.
  • Increases Red Bull’s key brand and consumer indicators -- TOM awareness, spontaneous awareness, past 4 week/12 month consumption, image indicators, consideration and salience.
  • Expands Red Bull Energy Drink’s user base and household penetration. Increases consumption and builds the heavy user base.
  • Builds shared leadership and sustainable business growth.
  • Establishes the Red Bull Media House in the respective country and positions Red Bull and the Red Bull Media House as an innovative, credible production partner in the broadcast industry.
  • Establishes Red Bull as a role model amongst leading youth brands, recognised for innovation and creativity within the world of digital/interactive media.
  • Lives, nurtures and protects the unique Red Bull culture.
  • Demonstrates cost efficiency and excellent budget management to deliver the profit commitment.
  • Has a strong, transparent, trusted partnership and cooperation with management, personnel, Red Bull Media House and Red Bull HQ.

Your experience includes:

  • Minimum of 5 years marketing experience.
  • A creative mind with a track record of creating new ideas, putting them into practice and assessing results.
  • Ability to cultivate, lead and motivate a high performing team with the proven ability to build and develop talent.
  • Strong planning and budgetary skills.
  • Knowledge of the ‘fast moving’ consumer goods industry, including agency and sales insights and/or profound background in sports and/or culture marketing and/or the media business/digital world.
  • Clear understanding of markets, sales and distribution, competitor activity and consumer behaviour in a brand and FMCG context. Up to date on digital trends and digital consumer behaviour.
  • Strong analytical ability and commercial acumen to understand financial statements and market trends.
  • Excellent presentation, communication and influencing skills.
  • Strong brand and product affinity.


2976-4133 €/mėn. neatskaičius mokesčių


MV GROUP Distribution vienija keturias įmones: 1992 m. veiklą Lietuvoje pradėjusią UAB „Mineraliniai vandenys“, nuo 2007 m. Latvijoje veikiančią SIA „MV Latvia“, Estijoje – OÜ „MV Eesti“ ir 2005 m. Lenkijoje įkurtą „MV Poland“ sp. z o.o. Alkoholinių ir nealkoholinių gėrimų, tabako gaminių ir greito vartojimo prekių (FMCG) didmeninės prekybos srityje veikiančios įmonės šiandien atstovauja daugiau nei 200 pasaulyje gerai žinomų prekių ženklų, produkciją tiekia į daugiau nei 8 tūkst. prekybos taškų Lietuvoje, Latvijoje, Estijoje ir Lenkijoje.

Siųsdamas savo gyvenimo aprašymą (CV), motyvacinį laišką ar kitus dokumentus kandidatas į darbuotojus sutinka ir suteikia teisę duomenų valdytojui UAB „Mineraliniai vandenys“, buveinės adresas J. Jasinskio g. 16F, Vilnius (toliau – Bendrovė), tvarkyti jo asmens duomenis atrankos į darbo vietą (-as) vykdymo ir kandidatūros vertinimo tikslais.
Sveikatos duomenys. Duomenys apie kandidato sveikatą atrankos procese pagal galiojančius teisės aktus yra renkami ir tvarkomi tik siekiant įvertinti jo darbingumą ir (ar) gebėjimą dirbti profesinės rizikos sąlygomis.
Duomenų saugojimas. Kandidatų į darbuotojus asmens duomenys atrankos į darbo vietą (-as) vykdymo ir kandidatūros vertinimo tikslais Bendrovėje saugomi tol, kol vykdoma atranka į pasirinktą (-as) darbo vietą (-as).
Duomenų perdavimas tretiesiems asmenims. Bendrovė gali kandidatų į darbuotojus asmens duomenis perduoti tvarkyti tretiesiems asmenims, kurie padeda Bendrovei vykdyti kandidatų atranką arba kurie Bendrovei su atranka, kandidatų vertinimu ir vidaus administravimu susijusias paslaugas (pvz., personalo atrankos, vertinimo paslaugų teikėjai, duomenų bazių programinės įrangos tiekėjai, duomenų bazių administravimo paslaugų teikėjai, duomenų centrų, prieglobos ir debesijos paslaugų teikėjai ir kt.). Taip pat asmens duomenys gali būti perduodami priežiūros institucijoms arba teisėsaugoms įstaigoms, jei jų reikalaujama pagal galiojančius teisės aktus arba ginant teisinius reikalavimus.
Kandidato į darbuotojus teisės. Kandidatas į darbuotojus turi teisę susipažinti su savo asmens duomenimis ir kaip jie yra tvarkomi, reikalauti ištaisyti, papildyti ar sunaikinti pateiktus asmens duomenis, taip pat sustabdyti jų tvarkymo veiksmus (atšaukti savo sutikimą), teisę reikalauti, kad asmens duomenų valdytojas apribotų asmens duomenų tvarkymą, teisę į duomenų perkėlimą, pateikti skundą Valstybinei duomenų apsaugos inspekcijai (kontaktiniai duomenys pateikti interneto svetainėje ir nesutikti su pateiktų asmens duomenų tvarkymu. Prašymai dėl šių teisių įgyvendinimo teikiami bendruoju Bendrovės el. pašto adresu.

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