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1000-1200 €/mėn. Į rankas
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Job description:

We’d been wondering: Would it be possible to sell a few hundred items priced at £5,000 in the UK market during pandemic, working distantly from Lithuania?

The Answer: YES. Confirmed 100% in 2020.

Note: Client experience is key. Then, it’s not that important anymore where you are and where your target market is.

The Question in 2021: Would it be possible to achieve the same in Germany, France, Denmark or any other market?

The Answer: It’s very likely, given that a new energetic Client Experience Specialist will join our team.

The One we’re looking for:

● Will watch TV shows in their original language – at least in English, and one more foreign language is preferable (French, German).
● Will surf effortlessly in the ocean of information. Zoho Help Desk, Google Drive, Trello, Todoist are just for starters.
● Will understand that B2B and B2C mean true people.

You won’t have to: Do cold calls or find clients. Our top-qualified marketing team will funnel the client flow for you.

Our Common Goal: To be the optimal choice globally with a couple of excellent products, so that our clients would continue feedbacking on us along similar lines:

“Excellent service from start to finish. Good customer service kept me informed of progress with order all the way. Excellent product very well built. If only all companies were this good. “Donald, Isle of Harris, October 2020

What our work will look like: Interesting, intensive, informal, yet very responsible, keeping an individual work schedule. Sometimes, we’ll work in the office, and sometimes from home. Sometimes we’ll learn from our mistakes, and sometimes we’ll attend hardcore trainings. We’ll grow massively.

Find more about us at

You are invited to take up the challenge and help us to assess your skills. We wish you all the best! Take the test now


1000-1200 €/mėn. į rankas
„Contactus“ personalo atrankos įmonė

„Contactus“ personalo atrankos įmonė

Contactus klientė - Find more about us at