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AB „Vilniaus baldai“
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Client System Maintenance Specialist

Vilnius - AB „Vilniaus baldai“

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Manage the accounting of generated waste and packaging in accordance with the GPAIS (Single Product, Packaging and Waste Accounting) system;
Calculate required environmental pollution charges and fill in declarations;
Manage the accounting of chemicals and preparations;
Verify the supply chain and process control by carrying out testing according to risk analysis results and specifications;
Secure good document control and registering of documents to confirm compliance Products and Chemical requirements;
Register documents in proper and structured way, to be accessible for all Retail countries Consumer authorities or Customs when needed;
Inform client if a test result on running production is a fail, even if any retest is a pass; and identifying the root cause of the fail, and, if applicable, taking corrective/preventive actions to address the failure;
Arrange products for testing, send them to laboratories, track status;
Be responsible for the compliance training that is necessary for other co-workers.


Higher university education, preferably in the environmental field;
Good English language skills: ability to read and understand guidelines, specifications, presentations in English;
Basic proficiency in computer software and systems or good cooperation with IT specialist (for example: be able to check the browser settings, create a .pdf file or send a screenshot by email);
Basic understanding: product range, production processes and sourcing setup;
Understanding of basic chemical concepts and basic knowledge of chemistry would be advantage;
Analytic, systemic thinking;
Initiative, fast orientation;
Attentiveness, accuracy.

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An interesting and responsible job in a modern technology driven, constantly growing furniture production company;
Opportunities for learning and professional development.
AB „Vilniaus baldai“

AB „Vilniaus baldai“

Akcinė bendrovė „Vilniaus baldai" – puoselėjanti senas tradicijas, taikanti modernias technologijas, nuosekliai auganti įmonė.
Tel. .
Informacija apie AB „Vilniaus baldai“
1562 €
Vid. atlyginimas bruto
(75% didesnis už LT vidurkį)
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25% uždirba iki 1179 €
25% uždirba 1179-1365 €
25% uždirba 1365-1792 €
25% uždirba nuo 1792 €
Vadovas: Jonas Krutinis

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