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Converter (Word / PDF document processor)

Work place

Job description

You will be responsible for processing publications / documents from Word / PDF into a format that can be loaded into an online content delivery platform.


We're looking for people with good verbal and written English. You should be comfortable using Microsoft Word and Excel, as you will be applying styles and formatting Word documents, so they can be uploaded onto our award winning publishing platform. You need good attention to detail, as you'll need to check for inconsistencies in the documents and correct them.

- Must own a computer;
- Good Internet connection;
- Experience using Microsoft Word and Excel;
- Able to commit to at least 20 hours' work per week;
- Available for interview in Kaunas week commencing 7th November 2016.

You should be:

- Comfortable and confident working in English;
- Good at spotting mistakes;
- An excellent problem solver;
- Able to maintain concentration when performing repetitive tasks;
- Able to work to deadlines.

Please submit applications in English as otherwise we cannot consider you for the position.

We offer

Pay starts at 3 EUR per hour with a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week. Excellent bonus opportunities.

This job suits anyone who wants to work from home, with flexible working hours, provided you can commit to 20 hours a week and occasionally be available at short notice.

Full training will be provided.


Prospect of increasing

Publish Interactive

Publish Interactive is a UK-based software company and a leader in the publishing industry. We have a proven track record of providing opportunities to Lithuania-based workers.

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