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Vilnius - UAB „BESK“

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ExMarkets is a global cryptocurrency exchange operating since early 2018 with a strong presence in Europe and SouthEast Asia, business partners as well as affiliated crypto companies all across the world.

We are looking for a copywriter who will be responsible for drafting textual content on technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain-related topics. Press releases, newsletters, project updates, activity announcements, technical documentation, web/app content - you name it, will fall under your responsibilities.

If you’re interested in the blockchain/fintech industry, can type with your eyes closed and want to show off your exceptional literacy skills, submit your application, and let’s set up a persona meeting.


Ability to quickly draft required content on demand;
Management of various kinds of content: narrative, short updates/news bulletins, community newsletters, technical & formal documentation, press releases, creative social media posts;
Skill to switch between different tones from formal to casual, from friendly to distant and etc.;
Exceptional writing & speaking skills in English;
Knowledge of or interest in the blockchain industry;
Ability to conduct quick research on client, partner and competitor methods of operations;
Communicate directly with clients to discuss the narrative structure, main content points and execute accordingly;

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Competitive salary;
Workplace in a new office;
Flexible hours and result-oriented approach;
Option to work remotely;
Progressive and motivated team;


Besk is an IT software development and consulting company operating globally. We have a unique combination of skill set and knowhow in fast emerging Blockchain, Fintech industries. Having the brightest and top talents in our team we are focused and dedicated to arrive with accurate and effective solutions for complex business problems.
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2720 €
Vid. atlyginimas bruto
(2 kartus didesnis už LT vidurkį)
Darbuotojų skaičius
500 tūkst.-1 mln. €
Pajamos 2018 m.