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UAB „Cris Lituania“

Launched in the early 1980s by Cristina Rubini and Pietro Negra, PINKO is a contemporary fashion brand with an Italian spirit. Creativity and quality are central traits to the PINKO brand, expressed in both its forward-looking collections and its cutting-edge retail concepts. These combined factors led to international success and PINKO now possesses a global network of flagship stores, each with unique and distinctive designs. The label is also stocked at a number of leading independent boutiques, shown alongside some of the world’s finest designer brands. The company’s expansive headquarters in Fidenza are equally notable. Designed by leading Italian architect Guido Canali, the offices offer state-of-the-art technology yet are set against a picturesque green landscape. A unique structure, it reflects PINKO’s constant quest for innovation, peerless Italian quality and personalized customer service.

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