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UAB „Kilo grupė“


2000-3300 eur/mon. Gross
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Vilnius - UAB „Kilo grupė“

Job description

⚡Dive deep into quantitative data
⚡Do qualitative research to understand qualitative aspects of user behavior
⚡Transform the findings into prioritized hypothesis and actionable suggestions on what to optimize on our websites in order to increase net profitability, AOV, and LTV
⚡Express your ideas in the form of wireframes, mockups, or code snippets
⚡Plan, execute, and manage data-driven web-funnel optimization plans
⚡Track, measure, and report on your work each month via creating and maintaining CRO tracking sheets
⚡Partner with content, design, development, and marketing teams when needed to plan and execute tests
⚡Stay up to date on the latest CRO news and trends
⚡Have lots of fun while doing it


⚡Have proven experience in digital marketing optimization
⚡Have an excellent understanding of how to use web analytics
⚡ Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
⚡ Be self-reliant, results-oriented, excellent problem-solver
⚡ Have an ability to collaborate with multiple departments independently to solve problems
⚡ Have a deep interest in human psychology
⚡ HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and/or JQuery knowledge is an advantage
⚡ Experience in using mainstream A/B testing technologies (Google Optimize, Optimizely, VWO, etc.) is an advantage
⚡ Have no fear of failing
⚡ Never kill the vibe

We offer

Talk about perks:

🤩 Work hard, party harder. We couldn’t handle to party every time we reach our KPIs, so we stick to approximately once per month. On the other hand, our office never runs out of drinks & snacks to party every day – can you handle it?

🍗 Wolt for late workers. Got to stay up late? You deserve to order whatever you want.

🌴 Workation. Bali, Thailand — been there done that. Currently deciding where to go next, any ideas?

🕺Gym subscription. We got you covered, just choose a gym!

🚕 Taxi budget. Whether you overslept in the morning or over-stayed in the evening, use your personal budget for a cab.

🥘 Fridge full of food. New ideas in the shopping list are always welcome. What’s your favorite snack?

🏄 Hot tub. We have a fire heated hot tub in our terrace to enjoy while waiting for a BBQ to be made.

🎮 Casual perks. Enjoy a starter pack with our merch, monthly office parties, games zone with foosball, PS4 & VR.


2000-3300 eur/mon. gross

UAB „Kilo grupė“

Kilo.Health is a digital business working in the health industry. Our main markets are USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & UK. The company was founded 8 years ago and it took a while to find our niche. Though we did it and now we strive to be the leader in the wellness category globally. Don’t wish us luck, come work with us to see it happen.
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information about UAB „Kilo grupė“
3309 €
Avg. salary gross
(2X higher than LT average)
Number of employees
5-10 mln. €
Revenue 2018 y.
Distribution of employees by salary (before taxes):
25% earn up to 2144 €
25% earn 2144-2809 €
25% earn 2809-4027 €
25% earn more than 4027 €

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