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4130-6610 eur/mon. Gross salary

Job description

As CTO you will have a key role in our future journey. You will be responsible for leading the technical development of the platform, operatively as well as strategically. This includes doing hands-on development and lead the current developers as well as being involved in technical decision making and ensuring that the technique is integrated into the business. Future responsibilities will also include scaling the tech team and making sure that the company has the right technical competence in place for continuous growth.

  • Developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources and ensuring that technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely
  • Analyze and implement new technologies that make our products better and yield competitive advantage
  • Evaluating new software, strategies and methods for implementation
  • Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals
  • Help company use technology profitably by suggesting priorities regarding investments as development of new products, purchases of new software and hardware, training and more
  • Supervise system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency
  • Build quality assurance and data protection processes
  • Communicate technology strategy to team, management, customers and partners


  • Proven experience as a CTO or similar leadership role
  • Experience from building a technical platform from scratch
  • Knowledge of technological trends to build strategy
  • Understanding of budgets and business-planning
  • Ability to conduct technological analyses and research
  • Full proficiency in English, written and spoken.
  • Knowing medical IT area or experience from research and academia would be a great advantage.
  • Passion – you need to share our vision on Why we do it:

To help reach important medical and scientific breakthroughs and innovations.


4130-6610 eur/mon. gross salary


Alliance for Recruitment is the largest recruitment consultancy in Lithuania measured by capacity, number of successful placements and annual growth. We are a high performing team of recruitment experts from various different industries.MedSciNet was founded by Professor Magnus Westgren and Associate Professor Marius Kublickas from the Swedish Karolinska Institute in 1995, and since then the company grows steadily and develops its business around the world via strategically developed umbrella of Medscinet UK, MedSciNet LT, led by Medscinet SE. Our services are used by several leading world-wide universities, healthcare providing authorities, world health organization and patient’s communities. We have an outstanding track record in delivering IT solutions using Internet technologies for clinical trials, registers and biobanks.MedSciNet customers are primarily clinical researchers and other professionals in medicine and academia. Our applications provide support for data collection with data cleaning and analysis. High quality data is the foundation of all research, but a lot of focus and resources are spent on analysis and statistics.MedSciNet are an ambitious and dynamic team of fourteen people working in an international and creative environment. The team works from UK, Sweden, Lithuania - Vilnius, South Korea and France.

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