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Customer Success Specialist

Work place

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated customer success specialist.

Most of our office communication is in Lithuanian, but your work will be in English. Long-term dedication is preferred. We are looking for someone who will grow with us for many years.

Your role and tasks will expand and change as the company evolves and grows. This is an entrepreneurial environment and things move quickly!

Although you will design your day-to-day routine, we estimate that you will spend most of your time interacting with Filippo Loreti customers from over 80+ countries in the world.


1) Excellent communication skills in English.
Writing is a large part of the job, so the ability to concisely express your written thoughts in English is required.

2) You’ll be helping a lot of people. You have to love assisting people and providing them with personalized attention and care. Patience and empathy is a must.

3) Ability to work without supervision and be self-motivated.
There will always be a someone to guide you through the tasks (especially in the beginning), but for the most part, you will need to proactively suggest ideas and act on your own.

4) Relevant job experience.

5) This job is suitable for students.

We offer

1) Help grow the customer success and support department;
2) Books and online courses reimbursement;
3) Competitive salary based on experience.
4) Work will be in 3 shifts that will include night shift and work on weekends.


400–900 Eur taxes excluded


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