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UAB "Atlantis LT"
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Customer Support Manager

Vilnius - UAB "Atlantis LT"


Able to get along with just about anyone? Know how to change a dissatisfied person into a happy one? Have experience in customer service or support? Passionate about gaming? You sound like the best candidate for us. See if You fit the requirements below and send us your application.

Confidentiality guaranteed for all candidates.

What You will do:
  • Develop and maintain a customer support center;
  • Create and implement customer guiding workflows, documents (FAQ, how to articles), processes;
  • Build, manage and maintain a successful customer specialist team;
  • Provide customer support when needed and resolve customer complaints;
  • Keep up with the new technologies and customer support strategies to help build the best possible customer experience.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, marketing or human resources;
  • 1-year experience in leading customer support or call center;
  • Extremely Organized;
  • Great communication skills;
  • Highly positive and patient;
  • Native or business professional English skills;
  • Zendesk software experience
  • Passion for gaming.

Beneficial but not required:
  • Knowledge of customer support systems, software, hardware;
  • Russian, German, French, Spanish or any Asian language proficiency;
  • Social media or community management experience;

If we select You, You will get:

  • A supportive managerial team;
  • Salary that You want;
  • A budget and a possibility to build your own team how you like it;
  • Select your own tools, hardware, and software you need for work;
  • To set your and customer support service center work hours;
  • Event and project travel opportunities;
  • Training and development You want.

Our office
We are located in a first-class office building in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • 1st-floor high-quality several catering services;
  • co-working spaces;
  • work desk with a top floor Vilnius panorama view;
  • roof lounge area access;
  • modern office design;
  • game room;
  • office kitchen stocked with snacks, drinks, fresh fruit, cereal, coffee, and tea;
  • 24/7 office access.
UAB "Atlantis LT"

UAB "Atlantis LT"

Atlantis Games – a provider of innovative, high-tech solutions for gaming and e-sports professionals, fans and enthusiasts across the globe. We are a Lithuanian based company operating in several countries, with a fast-growing team of young, ambitious professionals and market leaders focused on building a safe, high-quality solution.

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