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UAB „Ignitis grupė“
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Vilnius - UAB „Ignitis grupė“

Job Description

You will be responsible for:

  • Leading the implementation of Big Data & AI roadmap projects (e. g. smart meter big data analytics, predictive network maintenance, customer experience analytics, people analytics, etc.):
  • Working with stakeholders to outline a Minimum Viable Product (forecasting tool, dashboard, report, data set, etc.) in terms of functionality and design (UI/UX);
  • Setting up teams of data developers/engineers, data analysts/scientists and business analysts to ensure Advanced data analytics problem solving;
  • Organizing evaluation sessions with stakeholders and end users to get feedback to refine the solution and make it production-ready;
  • Coordinating transition of POC to development and then delivery to business teams (solution refinement, build, deployment, support and training).
  • Promoting the value of advanced data analytics and leading business partners to better data-driven decision making (building awareness, gathering needs, improving skills in business);
  • Working as part of Big Data & AI functional team with Data Solution Team, Data Analysts/Scientists, Data Architect, Solution Architects and Business analysts to find the best data analytics solutions for business;
  • Maintaining open communication with stakeholders to ensure best data analytics practices, tools, resources and provide expertise.


We are expecting:

  • Proven record of 2+ years of experience as project manager of data analytics challenges:
  • Support of accurate and timely delivery of data analytics products (dashboards, reports, data sets, etc.) to the organization by establishing and following efficient data processes, identifying issues, and working with business partners to resolve;
  • Project management experience of projects involving data engineers, data analysts and business analysts (or equivalent experience);
  • Experience working using Agile;
  • Creative problem solving of complex data analytics challenges.
  • Proficiency in conventional and advanced data analytics tools (e.g. MS Excel (VBA), PowerBI, SQL, KNIME, Python, etc.);
  • Experience in applying Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, algorithms, techniques and methodologies;
  • Have a degree in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, IT or related discipline.

Additional Information

Your journey here:

  • Be a part of Advanced Data analytics community at LE Group;
  • Have the opportunity to work in challenging projects dealing with large data sets and new technologies (Big Data, AI, ML, etc.);
  • Enable the organization to make better data driven decisions which will create added value;
  • Be a part of professional environment and have colleagues support to find the best solutions;
  • Join the opportunity to learn and improve;
  • Also enjoy „Lietuvos energija“ group’s additional benefits and rewards: additional health insurance, remote work, additional vacation days, training and development, events for Group employees.
UAB „Ignitis grupė“

UAB „Ignitis grupė“

In pursuit of the vision and in everything we do responsibility, collaboration, and results are our fundamental values.

We are responsible, we work together, and we strive to achieve the best results.

In the light of the new LE2030 Strategy and the new vision — to be a globally competitive energy company creating value for Lithuania — new value ingredients will take an important role (openness, empowerment, speed, partnership, innovation).

The most exciting thing about joining the journey to LE2030 is the scope and the potential of change you can make.

Advanced data analytics will be one of our key sources of global competitive advantages.

If you feel you want to make a difference, read on.