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2700-4100 eur/mon. Gross
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What you’ll do:

  • Play a pivotal role in establishing the data science capability in Rimi Baltic.
  • Help identify business opportunities that can be seized leveraging data and analytics, classify and translate problems into analytical tasks.
  • Develop predictive models from design through implementation in the areas of marketing, e-commerce, pricing and promotion, merchandising, supply chain and other areas of the business as needed.
  • Leverage non-traditional data such as smart meters, geo-location information, social media etc.
  • Communicate the results of analytical initiatives to stakeholders in leadership and functional teams.
  • Educate the organization on new approaches, mentor and support peers and analysts across the company with best practices in advanced analytics.
  • Help us improve and execute the roadmap for development of analytical solutions, including toolsets and frameworks.

You are the perfect candidate if:

  • Millions of rows and gigabytes of structured and unstructured data make you happy.
  • You have experience with statistical programming languages (R, Python) and relevant packages and IDEs, and are excellent in at least one.
  • You understand and can apply in practice such statistical techniques as Regression, Classification, Clustering, -Dimensionality Reduction, Time Series Analysis, NLP, Optimization and Hypothesis Testing.
  • You can create informative, relevant and high-quality data visualization using tools of your choice (Tableau, PowerBI, ggplot, plotly, matplotlib etc.).
  • You have a good understanding of database technologies. - Familiarity with SAP HANA will be an advantage.
  • You have a higher education in Statistics, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, Computer Science, Analytics or related quantitative fields.
  • You have 4+ years of working experience in a Data Analyst / Data Scientist role.
  • You are fluent in English, written and spoken.

Bonus points if:

  • You are familiar with software engineering techniques including version control and testing.
  • You stay up to date with latest research and technology ideas and have a passion to utilize innovative ways to solve problems.
  • You are familiar with project management methodologies such as Agile and have experience working on large-scale analytics solution rollouts.
  • You are familiar with Microsoft Azure (preferable) or other cloud platforms for model deployment.
  • You have experience working in the retail industry.

We offer you:

  • Salary range offered for this position is 2700-4100 EUR gross depending on competencies and level of experience.
  • Extensive career opportunities in ICA Group.
  • Additional health insurance (after 3 months).
  • Exclusive conditions when purchasing with Rimi loyalty card for employees.


2700-4100 eur/mon. gross


Every week, 3+ million transactions are made by our customers in 270 stores and e-commerce site across 3 markets, supported by over 11 200 employees and generating a yearly revenue of over a billion euros. But we are more than the products we sell. Rimi is on a journey, changing how millions of people shop by creating the shopping experience of tomorrow. Empowering our teams with the freedom and tools they need to push boundaries and create world-class solutions using the best available technologies. We use the wealth of Rimi data to build a portfolio of AI/ML models and see the outcomes of our work in enhanced decisions and customer experience every day.

We are now looking for a new team member to join the Data Analytics Competence Centre. At the Data Analytics Competence Centre, we support analytics units across the company in using the latest techniques, tools and methods, as well as shape and execute the company strategy for AI & Advanced Analytics. Data Scientist is a partner for multiple departments, including Marketing, Business Development, Assortment & Buying, Supply Chain and Logistics, HR, Information Technology and others. This is a unique opportunity to work in a new, growing team within a large organization.

As a Data Scientist, you will have a central role in data science projects with primary focus in applying advanced analytics techniques, building machine learning models and delivering results according to business needs.

We want to see you grow, so we put learning at the forefront of our analytics journey. You will have the chance to learn together in a community of almost 20 analytics professionals in the Baltics and 100+ ICA Gruppen colleagues in Sweden.

„Rimi Lietuva“ yra viena pirmaujančių mažmeninės prekybos įmonių Lietuvoje. Mes priklausome „ICA Gruppen“ – mažmeninės prekybos rinkos lyderei Šiaurės šalių regione. Mūsų parduotuvėse ir biure dirba daugiau kaip 3 000 darbuotojų, o tai reiškia, kad suteiksime Jums galimybę augti ir tobulėti.

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