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DevOps Engineer

Nuo 2500 €/mėn. Į rankas

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Have you ever heard about Zyro? Yeah, we are wild and untamed, have a sexy web-builder product, and an A-player team. Here's what you need to know:

Zyro is not a Website but a Success builder. To push our limits and succeed together with our customers (because we are obsessed with them) Zyro is looking for a DevOps Engineer.

What you’ll be doing:

Scale and automate infrastructure
Automate parts of the infrastructure, deployments and manual tasks
Create tools to enable devs to do ops stuff
Migrate current infrastructure to the Clouds
Troubleshoot problems

Go on, apply if:

Strong background in Linux administration
Experience with automation/configuration management using Ansible (Chef, Terraform is a plus)
Knowledge of source code control systems, branching and merging, and automated build tools (Jenkins)
Knowledge of at least one programming language (PHP, Python, Golang, Ruby, etc.)
Experience working with some public cloud provider
Quick and proactive response to issues


Fast changing, dynamic environment
Highest standards - strong and smart team (always asking why?)
Radical Candor. We share our (humble) opinions directly, rather than talking about people behind their backs
The People: We have Hikers, Photographers, Musicians, BMX Bikers, Fashionistas, Gliders, Visual Artists, SnowBoarders, Campers, Readers, Gamers, Coders, Travelers, Runners, Rock Climbers, Horse Riders, KiteSurfers, Self-Developers, Dancers, Painters, Beauticians, Brewers, Gardeners, Dogs Whisperers, Meditation Experts, Family Lovers, Philosophers, Romantics, Board Gamers, Coffee Drinkers, and every other variety of people. Someone here is just waiting to be your friend!


Flexibility: remote-first, but also two modern offices in Kaunas and Vilnius. Work-life balance is important for us
Dedicated days for learning and focusing on what's important
Unlimited learning resources. We provide access to the world’s best conferences, amazing training courses, reference books, team building activities, and workshops.
Free plans for you and your relatives to use our amazing products
Remote working space environment - we will provide you all necessary assets


Values-based evaluation and feedback
Personal & career development discussions whenever you want
Freedom to do different things out of your field of work


Transparency and trust
Open, inspiring colleagues
Flat structure, open communication & growth leadership
OKR goal-setting framework
Speed & MVP
We’re not afraid to make bold bets and learn from them
Hands-on attitude
You are dangerously close to launching your career to new heights. Feel no fear. Take action. Apply now!

Salary: From 600 - 1000 € (Neto). Specific salary is offered based on work experience, competence, and compliance with other job requirements.


Nuo 2500 €/mėn. į rankas


Our story began back in 2013, when we were a really basic version of a website builder. Let’s just say it was beta. 🙃
Fast forward to 2019. We restructured our company and put together an A-star team of the best and most talented designers, developers, marketing, support, HR, QA, and Customer Success professionals that we could find. Then, we completely revamped our product.
Today, Zyro is a company that makes it easy for anyone to build, manage and grow their online business. We’re not just about website creation anymore.

Our mission

It’s extremely hard to become successful online, because there are a lot of things you need to know, from SEO, technology, to marketing. We’ve built Zyro for this exact reason. Since we have accumulated a lot of knowledge of how the internet works, we want to help our users.

We are committed to handling the hard parts of becoming successful online for our users, so that they can focus on their idea or goal they want to achieve.

Our values

We use the same values that our parent company Hostinger uses, and which have helped them become a 600+ people-strong global company.

From Customer Obsession, Bias Towards Action, to our signature value of Delivering Results, we’re following some excellent footsteps. At the same time, we’re paving our own way in tech world – watch us go!
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(63% higher than LT average)
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10-20 mln. €
Pajamos 2019 m.
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