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E-commerce manager (Latvian language)

600–1300 Eur

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Customer service and shop management in latvian.

Are you Latvian and would like to work with international e-commerce?
We need you at our office in Vilnius!

MakesYouLocal helps webshops succeed abroad and several of our clients are focusing on the Latvian market. This is why we are looking for new colleagues to join our Latvian speaking team in Vilnius.

We need your help with customer service, but also translations to Latvian as well as monitoring social media on behalf of the webshops we work with. In other words, our new Latvian colleague should be able to manage all the tasks it requires, for a webshop to succeed in Latvia. On top of that the preferable candidate are able to read and understand Lithuanian – and maybe even speak and write the language as well.


What we expect from our next colleague:
to be able to speak and write fluently in latvian.
to have relevant job experience, from e-commerce, retail or another relevant position.
to be comfortable with a computer and willing to learn new stuff.

Mes jums siūlome

We are fast growing agency and we can ensure:
  • all the trainings in order to become e-commerce specialist as fast as possible.
  • constantly growing and competitive salary.
  • business trips to Denmark and Latvia.
  • great mood in office, nice colleagues and no constrains to grow as specialist.


600–1300 Eur atskaičius mokesčius
CVB klientas


Help webshops succeed abroad!
Can you do customer service, shop management and would like to work in an international environment with skilled colleagues?

MakesYouLocal are hands-on e-commerce specialists working together with our customers, to help them succeed abroad. We help web shops with a wide range of tasks including translation, web shop localisation, customer service, online marketing and local business development.

MakesYouLocal was established in 2010 in Denmark. Our head office is in Copenhagen, and we have offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland and now Vilnius. In addition to our own offices we are part of a network with offices around Europe.

Right now we are expanding the team at the Vilnius office and need help for:

Customer service/ webshop management
Informacija apie UAB ''MAKESYOULOCAL''
1359 €
Vid. atlyginimas bruto
(52% higher than LT average)
Darbuotojų skaičius
50-100 tūkst. €
Pajamos 2016 m.
Vadovas: Donatas Gudelis

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