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UAB „Ruptela“
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Embedded Software Engineer

Vilnius - UAB „Ruptela“
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Ruptela is looking for Embedded Software Developer to join our talented development team.

We are creating transport monitoring and management solutions to help our clients save resources and environment with a key focus on exceptional quality. Currently our clients are using hundreds of thousands of devices that need constant caring and updating from our Embedded Developers. To ensure that we are up to date and provide the best solution we have Sprints with new releases while developing new products as well.

Our developers are constantly exposed to new projects coming to the company, when we have to figure out solutions which we have never provided before and it challenges greatly our creativity.

Your key roles will be:
  • You will take ownership of new projects and developments as well as work in team of our experienced developers
  • You will need to analyze new technologies and propose new ideas to ensure our constant improvement
  • Your main challenges will be: a large codebase, delivery of large-scale and writing robust code
  • You will use these practices and methodologies: Continuous Integration, GitFlow, Static Code Analysis, Unit Testing, Code Review, Test Driven Development, Regression Testing, Effective Coding Standard while writing self-documenting code
  • You will develop new functionalities as well as work on maintenance of our devices. We are currently working with ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 micro-controllers, use C language in Eclipse environment as well as RTOS
  • You will develop embedded software for physical interfaces (RS232, RS485, CANbus, 1-Wire, Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input)


  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics, Telecommunication or a related technical field
  • Experience in embedded software design, implementation and testing
  • Excellent skills in programming using C language
  • Good knowledge of tools supporting embedded software development – debuggers, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes
  • Experience using version control system: Git, SVN or other
  • Good English language skills

Our Promise:

  • Modern working methods and best practices
  • Freedom and responsibility to think of solutions, not just to do what you are told
  • Personal and professional learning opportunities
  • Creative and international environment
  • Friendly and professional colleagues
  • Diverse motivational package
  • Office filled with coffee, tea, fruits and cookies, different lounge rooms and activities
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UAB „Ruptela“

“Ruptela” - lietuviška telekomunikacijų įmonė, kurianti transporto stebėjimo ir kontrolės sprendimus. „Ruptela“ yra viena sparčiausiai augančių technologijų įmonių vidurio Europos regione.

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informacija apie UAB „Ruptela“
3348 €
Vid. atlyginimas bruto
(2.5X higher than LT average)
Darbuotojų skaičius
20-30 mln. €
Pajamos 2018 m.
Darbuotojų pasiskirstymas pagal atlyginimus (neatskaičius mokesčių):
25% uždirba iki 1727 €
25% uždirba 1727-2656 €
25% uždirba 2656-4326 €
25% uždirba nuo 4326 €

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