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UAB „Tesonet“
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Front-end Developer

Vilnius - UAB „Tesonet“

Duties & Focal Areas

We are looking for a Junior- / Mid-level React Developer who will work as part of R&D team to develop and implement solutions for a world-renowned product. In collaboration with our senior devs, we expect you to become an integral part of our Team. Established in the beginning of this year, our R&D Department skyrocketed (30+ people today) becoming one of the fastest expanding units here at Tesonet. Grab this chance to join our highly ambitious team and let’s conquer the digital world together!
  • Collaborate with Product Owner, Designers and QA to build large scale products;
  • Write reusable and efficient code with Javascript;
  • Follow high engineering standards and best practises.

Basic Criteria & Requirements

  • Good knowledge of Javascript;
  • Good command of HTML5 & CSS3;
  • Experience with modern Javascript frameworks and tooling;
  • Experience with react, redux, redux-saga, es6;
  • Passion for building clean and tested code that brings real business value;
  • That you’re used to async programming (promises, async/await);
  • Bonus point if you have experience with nodejs / expressjs, higher order; components, functional programming, extension development.

What do we offer?

  • Ideal conditions for work and the times in between (chill zone, F-1 simulator, table tennis, foosball, basketball, free snacks and drinks, xbox and more);
  • Personal motivational system (learning courses of your choice, conferences, books, trips, stellar idea bonuses, days off etc.);
  • If you have an injury - don’t worry! We have a professional in-house physiotherapist who will help you take care of your health;
  • Flexible work hours;
  • Great team. Seriously - the best!
  • Unique opportunities to grow professionally and as part of the team which is on a path of conquering the world. Everyone says that, but we mean it!

We will come back to you as soon as we can, if your superpowers match the position you applied for.

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UAB „Tesonet“

UAB „Tesonet“

We at Tesonet spend our days working on a number of projects that are taking the tech world by storm. Our success is down to having an awesome team, which is growing every week. Among the products we have developed together, there’s a world-renowned cybersecurity tool, a super cool data intelligence service and some pretty unique business solutions powered by machine learning.

User experience has become an integral part of any successful digital product in the 21st century, and here at Tesonet we’re super serious about it. We invest in making our product UX bulletproof and our guild gets high on smart UI solutions. Heavy traffic allows us to move at a fast pace, test quickly and iterate on almost daily basis while Tesonet’s laid back atmosphere gets our creative juices flowing. We love our developers and developers love us. This beautiful synergy results in an almost Zen-like workflow where designers and devs live together in peace.
Information about UAB „Tesonet“
2497 €
Avg. salary gross
(2.5X higher than LT average)
Number of employees
Distribution of employees by salary (before taxes):
25% earn up to 1571 €
25% earn 1571-2452 €
25% earn 2452-3079 €
25% earn more than 3079 €

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