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Full-stack Developer (Java+React)

1900-3400 eur/mon. Gross
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Key Skills:

+ A minimum of 1-year experience as a Software Developer or self explorer of different technologies and projects (personal/ individual)
+ Wide mental outlook and analytical thinking
+ Java and JavaScript-based UI framework's knowledge and skills
+ Intermediate English level
+ Ability to work in a team

Desired skills and experience or willingness to learn:
+ RxJava
+ TypeScript, React
+ State management (e.g. one or all of Redux, MobX etc.)
+ HTML5, CSS, LESS/Similar, Responsive design and tools - bootstrap, CSS media queries
+ Experience in functional or/and reactive programming. Using libs like RxJS or Cycle.js
+ Knowledge or willingness to learn Kafka, Cassandra, Solr, Lucene, Spark, Hadoop, Hive
+ Microservices Architecture, Docker, Kubernetes

You will work daily with:

+ Participate in software development lifecycle by analyzing and implementing business (functional & non-functional) as well as internal requirements
+ Work according to the best practices and standards (Agile methodologies, CI/CD, code reviews, etc.)
+ Thrive in a fast-paced development environment

We use the best in class cutting-edge technologies in order to achieve the architecture goals:
+Reactive architecture - ability to make the system responsive, resilient, elastic, and message driven
+ Modifiability - easy to introduce new changes, extend functionality without breaking it or running into heavy refactorings
+ Scalability - ability to adapt and handle load increase without impacting the performance of the system
+ Cloud-Friendly - the ability of the functionality/system to run under different cloud provider environments
+ Performance - high responsiveness of a system to execute any action within a given time interval and maintain it under increased loads
+ Maintainability - ability of the system to make changes, fix issues and etc with a degree of ease

The major approaches and technologies that we use are:
+ Reactive programming mainly using RxJava (creating asynchronous, event-based applications)
+ Use of Apache Kafka open-source distributed event streaming platform to enable:
Asynchronous commands
Atomicity implementation
Non blocking IO
+ DB read and write separation (CQS pattern)
+ Horizontally scalable DB with almost limitless capacity (Cassandra)
+ Highly embraced microservices architecture
+ API-first architecture principles

We offer:

+ An international career working on insurtech product
+ Agile work environment
+ Community and knowledge sharing gatherings
+ EIS University - infinite learning source
+ External training, conferences, and certification programs
+ Flexible working hours, office, remote or hybrid work option
+ Employee referral program
+ Health insurance and gym coverage
+ Fun company parties and team building events
+ Safe bicycle parking space
+ Personal gifts on different occasions

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1900-3400 eur/mon. gross

UAB „EIS Group Lietuva“

EIS is an insurance software company that enables leading insurers to innovate and operate like a tech company: fast, simple, agile. Founded in 2008, EIS provides an open, flexible platform of core systems and digital solutions allowing insurers to accelerate and scale innovation, launch products faster, deliver new revenue channels and create experiences the world will love. With thousands of APIs, the platform gives insurers the freedom to connect to a vast ecosystem of insurtech and emerging technologies. EIS powers premium growth for insurers in all lines of business worldwide. For more information visit

EIS is a USA founded company with distributed teams around the globe with one of our main R&D development centres in Lithuania.

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