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Full-stack web developer Python/Django + React.js

2000-3500 eur/mon. Net
Vilnius - Ivelum

Job description

### About us

ivelum is a software development company founded in 2003. We specialize in large web projects for customers in the US, and we have our own projects, too. At the moment we have 25 employees in a distributed team. We focus on building flexible and efficient development flows with minimal bureaucracy. Here's a detailed wiki about us and our processes (in Russian):

### The project

We're looking for a full-stack web developer for our Teamplify project. Teamplify is a personal assistant for developer teams. It was initially developed as a tool for our internal use. Now we're taking it public.

Tech stack:
  • Backend: Python 3.7, Django 2.2, AWS Aurora (MySQL), Redis, Celery;
  • Frontend: React.js, GraphQL, Webpack, CSS modules, SASS;
  • Infrastructure: Docker, AWS, CloudFormation, ECS, Github, Jenkins, Sentry.


We're looking for developers from the middle to senior level. We expect that you have 3+ years of experience in web development, including work with Django. We also expect that you have some experience with front-end frameworks, or that you're at least interested in working on user interfaces and ready to learn and grow in that area.

Good communication and analytic skills are required. Your work will include requirements analysis, research, and decision-making about software architecture and implementation details. The language requirements are:
  • English - at least intermediate;
  • Russian - strongly preferred, as most of our development team speaks Russian.

We offer

### Salary

From 2000 to 3500 Euros per month, after taxes. The range is wide as we are considering specialists of both middle and senior levels.

### How to apply

Please submit an application form at .
We will study your answers and send you the test coding challenge.
After completing the test, we'll invite you for an interview, either on Skype or in our office in Vilnius. There will be no coding challenges during the interview, ours are always homework.

Feel free to ask any questions at

P.S. Please don't send us your CV. We don't believe in CVs and do not use them in our hiring process. See how to apply for this job above


2000-3500 eur/mon. net


ivelum is a software development company founded in 2003. Here's a detailed wiki about us and our processes (in Russian):