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Google Adwords manager

Work place

Job description

  • Create and manage google ads
  • Create and manage FB ads
  • Know and use G. Analytics and post click analyze
  • English/Lithuanian language for ads
  • Must know what is: PPC, CPA, CPL, CPO, ROI, ROMI, LTV and etc


  • Experience in internet ads more than 2-years
  • Know and use Yandex Metriks and Yandex Direct - as privilege
  • Good Russian language for ads - as privilege
  • Send your last 3 projects in ads with key indicators: before-after

We offer

  • Your can work at home or our office
  • Free time to work
  • Grow your salary depends only from your KPI


600–2000 Eur taxes excluded
Depends on results
Prospect of increasing

UAB "Expim Co"

We make full marketing for customers: langing page, leads generate, email marketing, sales.
We find new leader for adw.

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