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UAB „Palink“


Vilnius - UAB „Palink“
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Our success story began 29 years ago, when we opened the first IKI store, which was successful due to its exceptional range and high-quality products. Currently, IKI is the second largest retail chain in Lithuania with almost 230 stores in 75 Lithuanian cities. Palink is one of the largest employers in the country. We are 5,900 professionals who want our customers to return to our stores every day, where they would not only be pleasantly served, but also buy the highest quality goods at an attractive price. IKI belongs to the REWE group, one of the largest retail chains in Germany. The REWE Group currently operates in 22 European countries with more than 15,000 stores.

For more information please contact: Ilona, JOB OVERVIEW

We are looking for a colleague to create a team of data analytics experts and manage the processes and people responsible for accurate data collection, processing, modelling and analysis. The ideal candidate has a knack for seeing solutions in sprawling data sets and the business mindset to convert insights into strategic opportunities for our company. The Head of Department will work closely with leaders across commerce, sales and marketing to support and implement high-quality, data-driven decisions. They will ensure data accuracy and consistent reporting by designing and creating optimal processes and procedures for analytics employees to follow. They will use advanced data modelling, predictive modelling and analytical techniques to interpret key findings from company data and leverage these insights into initiatives that will support business outcomes. The right person for the job will apply their exhaustive knowledge of data analysis to solving real-world problems faced by our company and finding opportunities for improvement across multiple projects, teams and business units.


  • Lead cross-functional projects using advanced data modelling and analysis techniques to discover insights that will guide strategic decisions and uncover optimization opportunities
  • Build, develop and maintain data models, reporting systems, data automation systems, dashboards and performance metrics support that support key business decisions
  • Design and build technical processes to address business issues
  • Oversee the design and delivery of reports and insights that analyse business functions and key operations and performance metrics
  • Ensure accuracy of data and deliverables of reporting employees with comprehensive policies and processes
  • Manage and optimize processes for data intake, validation, mining and engineering as well as modelling, visualization and communication deliverables
  • Examine, interpret and report results of analytical initiatives to stakeholders
  • Oversee the data/report requests process: tracking requests submitted, prioritization, approval, etc.
  • Develop and implement quality controls and departmental standards to ensure quality standards, organizational expectations, and regulatory requirements
  • Anticipate future demands of initiatives related to people, technology, budget and business within your department and design/implement solutions to meet these needs
  • Organize and drive successful completion of data insight initiatives through effective management of analyst and data employees and effective collaboration with stakeholders
  • Building up Business Analytics & Insights department
  • Recruit, train, develop and supervise analyst-level employees


  • University degree
  • At least 5 years of experience in a position monitoring, managing, manipulating and drawing insights from data, and someone with at least 3 years of experience leading a team
  • Working knowledge of data mining principles: predictive analytics, mapping, collecting data from multiple data systems on premises and cloud-based data sources
  • Strong SQL skills, ability to perform effective querying involving multiple tables and subqueries
  • Understanding of and experience using analytical concepts and statistical techniques: hypothesis development, designing tests/experiments, analysing data, drawing conclusions, and developing actionable recommendations for business units
  • Experience and knowledge of statistical modelling techniques
  • Experience working with and creating databases and dashboards using all relevant data to inform decisions
  • Experience using analytics techniques to contribute to company growth efforts, increasing revenue and other key business outcomes
  • Strong problem solving, quantitative and analytical abilities
  • Strong ability to plan and manage numerous processes, people and projects simultaneously
  • Excellent communication, collaboration and delegation skills
  • English language skills


  • Unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic, collaborative international food retail company and work with experienced professionals
  • Personal and professional growth possibilities
  • Salary from 5000 EUR (bruto)
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UAB „Palink“

UAB „Palink“

Mūsų sėkmės istorija prasidėjo prieš 28 metus, kai atidarėme pirmąją „IKI“ parduotuvę, iškart sulaukusią pasisekimo dėl išskirtinio asortimento ir aukštos kokybės prekių. Šiuo metu „IKI“ yra antras pagal dydį prekybos tinklas Lietuvoje, kuriam priklauso daugiau kaip 220 parduotuvių 75 – iuose Lietuvos miestuose. Bendrovė „Palink“ yra ir vienas didžiausių darbdavių šalyje. Mes esame 5900 profesionalų, siekiančių, kad pirkėjai kasdien sugrįžtų į mūsų parduotuves, kur būtų ne tik maloniai aptarnauti, bet ir įsigytų aukščiausios kokybės prekių už patrauklią kainą. „IKI“ priklauso vienam didžiausių mažmeninės prekybos tinklų Vokietijoje – „REWE“ grupei, tai suteikia mums nemažai privalumų, o kartu kelia mūsų veiklai aukštą kartelę. Šiuo metu „REWE“ grupė veikia 22 Europos šalyse, kuriose valdo daugiau kaip 15 000 parduotuvių.
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