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UAB "Inter-Silo" siūlo darbą:

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UAB "Inter-Silo"

For 16 seasons, the people behind Inter-Silo have worked with installation of grain storage facilities, firstly in Denmark, and later in several other European countries.

With references from facilities of all sizes around Europe, Inter-Silo has the widest possible experience and has seen the abundant benefits of modern agriculture all over. From just being a service provider, Inter-Silo has now set focus on introducing the benefits of different grain handling to Lithuanian farmers. Since 2014, Inter-Silo is the official reseller for Sukup Europe A/S. Sukup Europe A/S has more than 55 years of experience and is the leading grain silo company in Denmark.

The products from Inter-Silo make farmer's daily life easier both during and after the harvest. He can bring his grain directly to the storage and dry his crops inside it - almost from the first moment.