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UAB „Adeo Web“
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Junior / Mid Level UX/UI Designer (office & remote options available)

1154-1942 eur/mon. Gross
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Kaunas - UAB „Adeo Web“


Adeo Web is looking for a junior or mid-level UX/UI Designer who will help strengthen and develop our clients' brands. We’ll work on world-class user experiences together with TOP Lithuanian eCommerce brands like Topo centras, Pegasas, Lemona and various global ones - Jysk, Deeper Sonar, Tele2.


In short, we expect you to strive for perfection - both in yourself and our clients’ products. You can’t stand bad UX, notice every different hex code, you know what agile is - you are ready to take on any challenge and solve it!

In this position you will:

  • Work closely with the client to develop the best possible solution;
  • Perform interviews and gather requirements - ask Who, When, How to identify user needs;
  • Get your hands on the actual product development - from the concept to prototype to final product design;
  • Monitor and analyze user behavior using Hotjar, Google Analytics, and your expert knowledge;
  • Improve the products you work on - quality assurance is an important step that we focus both while working on the project and after the release.

The right approach is a big thing as well. We are looking for designers that are able to identify bad solutions, can find data-based ways to fix them, and have the drive to do that.


We have been specializing in eCommerce solutions for 10 years already and have built up the experience. Now we are helping TOP eCommerce brands both in Lithuania and globally to achieve their goals. During these years we have worked with Topo Centras, Deeper, Lemona, Jysk - the names you have probably heard already.

Most of the projects we’re involved in are eCommerce, although UX/UI team is not limited by it - we have worked on UX and UI for apps of various purpose, document management system, esports tournament platform and even an interface for TV - we try to challenge ourselves and help our clients in any way we can.


As a UX/UI Designer, you will be part of a growing team of professionals who perform a variety of design tasks to push our clients’ brands further. Being a part of our dedicated UX/UI team, you’ll always have lots of sparring and a team around you that will help you strive for the heights.

Our team likes working in remote and office modes so we communicate through Slack; design and collaborate through Figma; plan and manage our work in Jira. Yes, we meet and talk with each other quite often but our mindset is set to remote first.


We’re looking for a mid or junior level UX/UI designer that has a drive for problem-solving with a curious mindset - each of the challenges you will encounter is unique in its own way, and we expect you to be curious enough to try and solve it.

We have the knowledge and are ready to share our know-how with you - that’s why we’re looking for a colleague who is always interested in ways to improve.

We are quite a flat-structured company so we’re looking for a person who owns his work and word. Ideally or in time, you should have the ownership of all the projects you are involved in. In general - we’re a bunch of people who care about everything we do for our clients and each other.

Remote is the way how you can work here. COVID changed the rules and we’ve already adopted them. So even though part of the team works at the offices in Lithuania (Kaunas), USA (Chicago), and Sweden (Stockholm) - you’re free to choose where to live/work from and we’re glad to help you with being the most productive person you can be.


The salary for this position is between 1154 eur and 1942 eur gross and depends on seniority and experience.

Benefits at Adeo Web will help you lead a healthy life outside of work:

  • First of all, we do not expect you to work more than 40 hours a week;
  • Furthermore, you will have all the flexibility you need to work during your most focused and productive hours. Take a nap if needed or walk a dog during daytime if you love doing that (as long as you’re not missing any meetings);
  • Choose a place you like to work at and we’ll help to set up a productive environment for you;
  • We’ll provide supplementary health insurance that you could feel well and a budget for training to keep a sharp mind;
  • As our office is quite a big and open, you’ll have some monthly lunch coupons for our bellowed cafeterias near the office;
  • If a restart is needed, you can always play a match or two at the table tennis and foosball, or improve your gaming skills on PS4, racing simulator, and VR. We also have some sports equipment and a rock climbing wall if that’s your way to take some rest.
  • Oh, did we mention fresh buns? 🥐


Please drop an application through CVbankas and say why this position is interesting for you. Add your seniority level and share your portfolio. There are no tricks to nail this process but the best applications come from those who check our work and the Adeo Web gang on the internet.

We’re currently accepting applications and will contact all potential candidates within 1-2 working days. So you’ll hear from us about the next steps: live or Google hangouts interview.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep on rocking! ✌️


1154-1942 eur/mon. gross
UAB „Adeo Web“

UAB „Adeo Web“

At Adeo Web we truly put our people first. We love growing together, challenging ourselves and building projects that create a global impact for our clients. From innovative and award winning projects like Topo Centras and Deeper, to leading Baltic publishers like Pegasas and Knygu Klubas, international tool retailers like Verkter, global brands like Toshiba and Lenovo, and even our own SAAS product - PassCamp - a password manager used by teams worldwide. Adeo Web offices are set up in Kaunas, Chicago and Stockholm, but our international teams work without borders. Will you join us for our next big project?
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