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UAB „Farmers Circle“

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1000-1500 €/mėn. Į rankas
Ukmergė, Anykščiai - UAB „Farmers Circle“

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Are you our new: Kitchen and Production manager for Farmers Circle?

Farmers Circle is more than a farm, it’s also the home of our production, hospitality and R&D kitchens.

The overall mission is to bring healthy and tasty food to people, whoever they are. Whereever they consume. Food which can be trusted.

No matter if our produces are fresh, processed or ending up at the table in one of our restaurants or at the plate in private homes, we aim to be transparent, with a trend setting and holistic approach to farming and sustainability.

The Story is also about circular economy, about being in control of the value chain and how to maintain and develop our position as a relevant and attractive supplier to our consumers.

We are looking for a person with a solid set of values:

A food passionate member of our family who with a good portion of intelligence, hard work and integrity, will be the ideal manager of our production kitchen team.

The scope is clear, and calls for a self-going, structured and innovative profile.

The professional skill set must be strong and sufficient for managing a production line, based on vegetables, fruits and berries – with a strong focus on efficiency.

The personal skillset should be motivating, team oriented - spiced with a natural – open and positive attitude.

In few words: We are looking the person, who with passion, would like to be a part of designing the future consumer line of value-added farm produces.

It goes without saying that love for food, nature and hospitality is a must.

Feel free to email your application and CV to:

Or share with friends who might posses the above described qualities.

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1000-1500 €/mėn. į rankas
UAB „Farmers Circle“

UAB „Farmers Circle“

Užsienio kapitalo įmonė Ukmergės ir Anykščių rajonuose vykdo ekologinės augalininkystės, gyvulininkystės, daržininkystės ir perdirbimo veiklas. Taip pat organizuojami renginiai, teikiamos apgyvendinimo paslaugos.