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UAB Emplonet
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5785-8264 eur/mon. Gross salary
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Vilnius - UAB Emplonet

Job description:

  • Developing business activities, developing and implementing strategies;
  • Raising company profile and brand awareness, actively searching for potential clients and partners;
  • Negotiating contract terms, participating in strategic negotiations with suppliers, equipment manufacturers, potential clients or partners;
  • Taking active part in improving various company processes;
  • Ensuring smooth implementation of the GMP standards;
  • Representing the company in dealings with regulatory and supervisory authorities;
  • Keeping up to date with latest market developments, generating new ideas and identifying opportunities;
  • Staying in touch with the management team;
  • Monitoring and managing financial flows of the company;
  • Reporting business performance results to the company shareholders, submitting strategic proposals/ideas to shareholders and providing supporting information.


  • Higher education diploma in pharmacy, chemistry, natural sciences or management;
  • Successful managing experience in manufacturing companies specializing in pharmacy or biotechnology;
  • Understanding and knowledge of the use of marketing channels. Knowledge and skills required to identify and attract pharmaceutical companies as potential clients;
  • Knowledge of the structure, operating principles and manufacturing processes of a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company;
  • Knowledge of good manufacturing practice and experience in implementing it;
  • Excellent English language skills;
  • Extra-mile approach, strong leadership, a sense of initiative, active engagement, pro-activeness and teamwork skills;
  • Strategic and analytic thinking and excellent negotiation skills.

We offer:

  • Joining a fast-growing, ambitious and innovative company and leading a competent team of professionals;
  • A dynamic and goal-oriented working environment and being part of a team geared toward common objectives;
  • A possibility to realize own ideas in developing the organisation’s activities and integrating good practices into its processes;
  • All required work equipment and excellent working conditions;
  • An innovative and motivating work environment.


5785-8264 eur/mon. gross salary

UAB Emplonet

Emplonet is a partner that is always near you.
Emplonet offers top-quality personnel recruitment and selection services facilitating the creation of long-term relationships and promoting business growth as well as qualification improvement of specialists in a variety of fields.

Our client, Sanobiotec UAB (, a company founded by life sciences and high-tech professionals specializing in organic synthesis, biochemical and medical research. The researchers at the company conduct research focused on naturally occurring compounds and their synthetic, biologically active equivalents used for treating or preventing various diseases, develop new products and assess their potential in health and pharmaceutical preparations markets.

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