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Match My Thesis

Match My Thesis is a Danish start-up that connects students with companies for consultancy projects. We are an online platform and service provider specializing in young talent recruitment for impactful problem solving in a real business world.

We have been a part of over 200 projects that were successfully implemented to various companies and organizations, including the largest Danish & International companies like LEGO, Telia, Volvo, Maersk, Nordea and others. Some examples of our projects involve:

  • Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm for automating procurement department of world’s largest shipping company
  • Creating product positioning strategy in Dubai for global pump producer
  • Optimization of road paving process for leading construction company in Scandinavia

Together with our students and graduates we help transfer latest knowledge and innovations to the industry. And we are now looking for new people to join our team in Vilnius and help us make sure our clients have reliable talent pool.

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