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Care Force Medical Recruitment

Nurses / Slaugytojos

2500-4500 €/mėn. Neatskaičius mokesčių
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1. Did you ever consider working in the Netherlands or Belgium or Denmark?
2. Do you know what kind of possibilities these countries offer?
3. Have you read about the lifestyle, culture of people and labor law in these countries?
If the answer to these three questions is "Yes", we invite you to continue reading, otherwise we advise you to inform yourself about this and you will certainly see the greatest opportunity to make your dream come true.
On behalf of our clients, general hospitals in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark we are seeking several Medical Specialists in different fields (m/f).


This is you:
  • Fluent in English language ;
  • General Nurses with excellent clinical and outpatient skills;
  • Prepared and willing to learn Dutch language (via Care Force 17 weeks in-house language training).
  • EU-passport and EU Study Diploma;
  • English language B2-level minimum.
Note! Please, do apply only if you really want to relocate to the Netherlands or Belgium for the long term, and you are ready to learn their language.

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Apply via Care Force and:
1. Leave all administrative and organizational matters to a dedicated team
2. Get help arranging the correct documents and registrations
3. Prepare for a career abroad through our Language Academy
4. Have everything arranged from A to Z: contract negotiations, housing, banking, insurance, and registrations.
For more details, please check our website:


2500-4500 €/mėn. neatskaičius mokesčių
Care Force Medical Recruitment

Care Force Medical Recruitment

About us….
Care Force Medical Recruitment based in city or Velp - the Netherlands, is specialized in the recruitment and placement of foreign doctors, dentists, nurses, and caretakers for hospitals and healthcare institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since its inception, Care Force has successfully placed a large number of foreign healthcare professionals in the Dutch and Belgian healthcare sectors. Many of them are still working in the Netherlands and Belgium today. Our services go beyond placing the right person in the right place. All activities inherent to the recruitment and operational placement of a foreign employee, including personal coaching and support in the integration in the Dutch or Belgian community, are part of our extensive services package. Care Force understands people who want to broaden their horizons and who have the courage to take steps toward a higher quality of life.
Interested? Then we look forward to your application!