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Office manager

Vilnius - UAB „Lemures“

Darbo pobūdis

  • preparation of documents for the conclusion of contracts with new customers (contract, invoice, protocol price negotiation);
  • invoicing (for potential customers);
  • receiving and reporting with the subsequent import / export to 1C;
  • work with e-mail, fax, sending / receiving correspondence;
  • preparation of daily reports on the operational management of the unit for the head;
  • implementation of other (current) orders of the head.
  • Registration, distribution and registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence, sending letters;
  • Receive incoming calls, scan, copy documents, send faxes, e-mail
  • Search for various information, contacts on the Internet and reference books.
  • Providing office life support (office supplies, water, etc.)
  • Communication between other offices of the group of companies.

UAB „Lemures“

Sales company.