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Production/project manager

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The company producing composite pressure vessels is expanding its operations in the Middle East region and is seeking a Production/Project Manager(s) having the possibility to go on business trips.

  • Management, optimisation of production processes, submission, and implementation of suggestions for improvement of operations.
  • Ensuring a smooth production process: appropriate distribution of resources, optimal use of work tools and raw materials, and timely preparation of production equipment.
  • Creating technical specification documents for production and other technical documentation.
  • Calculating the production cost.
  • Managing a team of employees working in production and warehouse: work organization, employee training, motivation, and support.
  • Analyzing the production department's activities and submitting reports to the company manager.
  • Implementing, maintaining, and controlling quality management systems.
  • Monitoring and planning of compliance with labour time and raw material cost norms.
  • Ensuring compliance with rules of procedure and other normative legal acts in force in the country.


  • Bachelor/master’s degree in engineering (mechanical).
  • Successful experience in managing the production of metal products, furniture, glass, plastic, or technological equipment.
  • Project management experience while organizing production (preparing a business plan) in the following fields – production of furniture, windows, double-glazed windows, mechanical engineering, and metalworking.
  • Knowledge of operation principles of milling, sawing, drilling, and welding CNC machines.
  • Knowledge of technological processes of production from composite materials.
  • Knowledge of production cost calculation.
  • Experience in personnel management and formation of project teams.
  • Possibility to go on business trips.
  • Creative engineering thinking.
  • Good computer skills (MS Office, MS Project, AutoCAD).
  • Good knowledge of English.
  • High communication, management, and organizational skills, initiative, and analytical thinking.


  • Ambitious work, all opportunities for professional growth, contributing to the company's development and performance improvement.
  • Opportunities to establish international business contacts and gain invaluable experience.


1800-3000 €/mėn. į rankas
UAB „Nowadays Technologies“

UAB „Nowadays Technologies“

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