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Job description

PROJECT MANAGER MANAGEMENT CONSULTING position involves supporting consultants with their projects:
• Arranging / coordinating administrative details with clients, planning and organizing meetings with clients;
• Preparing proposals, helping consultants in execution of their projects;
• Performing research and analysis;
• Dealing with clients’ requests, supporting consultants in solving issues for clients;
• Writing reports preparing documentation and presentation of all work stream and project results.

A successful candidate should:

• Be a last year student or recent (1 – 3 years) graduate with solid Bachelor or Master Degree (preferably in Business Management, Economics or Sociology);
• Have a sound knowledge about management and processes in organizations;
• Have an understanding of general business environment;
• Posses excellent problem solving skills and attention to details;
• Have higher than average business speaking and writing skills in Lithuanian and English;
• Be good at listening;
• Be great member and contributor, at the same time capable to make decisions on his / her own;
• Be eager to learn and grow;
• Demonstrate a positive attitude;
• Posses a strong drive for excellence;
• Be willing to travel in Lithuania.

Company offers:

• Interesting job in a small team of experienced consultants;
• Enviroment in which meaning of the job of each team member is important;
• Opportunities for continuous growth and development through learning from colleagues and clients;
• Autonomy;
• Competitive compensation package.

UAB Emplonet

Emplonet - personalo valdymo, atrankų ir laikinojo įdarbinimo įmonė, veikianti Lietuvoje.
Emplonet client - CRC Consulting – a boutique Management Consultancy company, helping clients with strategic inputs and solutions in building effective processes to strengtthen both unity and productivity of organizations.
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