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Kompanija „Proman“ siūlo darbą:

Kompanija „Proman“

PROMAN is the trade mark of multifunctional integrated real-time ordering, developing, manufacturing, estimating and monitoring system. PROMAN is management tool, which enables to manage and automate production – from ordering online, raw materials supply management, working resources planning, working places monitoring, quality control, to finished product and customers satisfaction measurement. After customer has got product information, price quotation, expected delivery terms, all information on system presented online, he makes an order online. PROMAN calculates actual job and operation times for each working place, measures costs and manages status with location of the order – all in real time. Scheduling of operations on production can be customized in order to meet day-to-day demands and even add "what-if" scenarios to test "drop dead" delivery dates, plan ahead into the future to ensure effective production operation.

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