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UAB „Informacinių technologijų organizacija“

QA engineer

Kaunas - UAB „Informacinių technologijų organizacija“

What QA does @iTo?

  • First one easy - web pages and mobile apps testing. While working based on Agile methodology.
  • Lets go deeper - improve current QA processes. Cool, hah? And then there’s project deliveries quality management.
  • QAs are the ones, who knows most about the project, the process… And as we all know - sharing is caring, right? So spread the word and enlighten your teammates!
  • We are not some kind of amateurs, who work on the fly. We do test cases, regression and massive testing, and bunch of other fancy stuff that you should know and do as well.
  • Probably you have already understood, that our QAs does more than just beep boop crash boom bang? They do it in a fancy way and also suggests, tracks, registers improvements and/or changes, analyses and understands project documentation.
  • What is more, our QAs are PM’s sidekicks (advises, helps, supports, compliments). PMs trust QAs more, than anyone else!
  • And on the top of it, there is the communication - with PMs, team members, clients, colleagues. Do it with joy!

Ideal candidate will have:

  • This time we need someone with 2+ years of experience and IT background. But if you are awesome noob, then let us know about you!
  • We have mentioned, that we are working with Agile methodology. Fingers crossed, you know it. Do you?
  • We are getting things automative as possible. Fingers crossed you have experience in that.
  • Since QA is PM’s sidekick, it might happen that you will have your hands full with different tasks in different projects. Will you know how to handle and prioritize them?
  • Oooh, and you have to know English. Wouldn’t it be funny if you have read until here without understanding what the hell we are talking about?

Extra karma points go for:

  • Mastering Atlassian tools (Jira, Confluence, Test Management or etc.).
  • Automate things to make live easer! Does it ring a bell - XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Jmeter, MySQL?
  • Being a writer. Not like someone who wrote some kind of thrilogy, but the one who writes automative test cases, user manuals, acceptance criteria or etc.
  • Postman - do you know it? I mean not that guy who delivers your mail...
  • Big Picture mindset. It is like when you are in gallery, and you see all those pictures, and they represent some common ideas but in different ways, different details… Get it?

What @iTo offers:

  • Friendly and crazy (more like crazy) experts in their fields. Maybe experts first!
  • Informal and unique working environment. What
  • Opportunity for professional growth. Actually it is more like duty than opportunity. That is why we do periodic follow-ups on personal development plans. You grow? Salary grows as well :)
  • Technological workshops, trainings, conferences inside and outside the company. Uncountable opportunities that we are open to.
  • Professional and “can do” attitude. We can do everything, but at the same time we know that not everything is needed.
  • Big, interesting and challenging projects - something new/impossible/difficult? Bring it on!
  • Remote work is new cool and new reality now, but we are people’s people, so we offer hybrid remote opportunity. Oh, and we have offices in Vilnius and Kaunas, so you choose which one is best for you!
  • Workation, summer camp - our two biggest events of the year!
  • Some minor events like karting, donut degustation, escape rooms, photo trips, pet days, game nights, hackathons, online (or not) quizzes… - you name it what else can be here!
  • Some daily stuff to brighten your day: virtual kitchen, walking challenges, throwback memories, blitz contests, "Offtopic meetings"... And even more when we can meet not only online.
  • Tons of inside jokes, friendly pranks, and willingness to help colleagues.
UAB „Informacinių technologijų organizacija“

UAB „Informacinių technologijų organizacija“

iToDEV (Informacinių technologijų organizacija) is one of the leading IT companies in Lithuania with a strong focus on mobile technologies. Established in 2006, iToDEV gradually expanded its area of expertise from website design and development to mobile technologies. Among its clients iToDEV is known as a reliable, focused and organized partner.
iToDEV has a team of experienced software developers, UI/UX experts and other IT professionals and project managers who share a great passion for challenges.
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