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QA Engineering Lead

2500-4200 eur/mon. Gross salary
Vilnius - Paysera

You will be responsible for:

  • supervising other quality assurance specialists:
~ providing guidance, setting goals, objectives and responsibilities for the team;
~ communicating a vision and a path for the team, creating solutions based on best practices;
~ solving day-to-day problems;
~ recruiting and mentoring new members of QA.

  • working with other QA specialists on technical low-level tasks when needed:
~ writing automated functional tests for the system;
~ reviewing automation codes of your team members;
~ sharing ideas on best practices and technical solutions with developers;
~ testing features manually.

  • ensuring quality of the systems and related infrastructure:
~ working with developers, quality assurance specialists and other managers on process improvements;
~ adhering to rules and procedures, advocating for quality matters when needed;
~ interacting with infrastructure responsible or related to quality assurance, like CI/CD systems;
~ planning and introducing new features into the process, e.g. testing more aspects (performance, security, etc.),
~ further automation, better test performance;
~ keeping track of important quality metrics and assisting other teams in improving the overall quality of products.

We expect you to have intrinsic motivation and:

  • at least 5 years of experience in testing, 2 years of experience in managing QA processes;
  • people management, communicative and problem solving skills;
  • analytical and systems thinking, attention to detail;
  • strong technical background in QA infrastructure and test automation.

It is worth becoming a Paysera employee, because of:

  • in each case salary is agreed individually taking into account the candidate's competence;
  • we will send you to internal and external training and learning courses and conferences;
  • of course, you will have the opportunity to realise your ideas at an internationally fast-growing company (we are a Fintech company, after all);
  • we have flexible working hours;
  • speaking of fun times with fun colleagues – we spend lots of time together and play table football (foosball), basketball, video games, and board games. We also have movie nights and various team building events (you can see this on our Instagram #We_are_Paysera);
  • we have multiple electric scooters, which can be used for work/leisure time;
  • we enjoy free drinks and healthy snacks every day;
  • you will also have accident insurance, just in case something happens during all this fun time together.


2500-4200 eur/mon. gross salary


Paysera is not only the first e-money institution in Lithuania, but also one of the most successful Fintech companies in the country. We create a world where transfers have no boundaries, are simple, fast and accessible to everyone. We are an international company with fully operating representatives in 6 countries and expanding. Our services are provided in more than 180 countries around the globe. Our team is made of more than 170 people in Lithuania and at least 30 more abroad. Enthusiasm, motivation and professionalism is what unites us. Everyone here feels save to express his/her thoughts openly and learn every day. We trust and help each other. We are more than colleagues – we are friends who choose to spend their free time together kayaking, skiing or entertaining in any other way.

Find out about Paysera services here:
information about Paysera
Number of employees
5-10 mln. €
Revenue 2018 y.

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