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UAB „DPD Lietuva“


2000-2200 eur/mon. Gross
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Vilnius - UAB „DPD Lietuva“
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Job description

Your responsibilities will be to:

  • monitor the compliance of the Company's activities with the installed STANDARDS ISO 9001, ISO 14001, related legislation, the requirements of the approved procedures and to ensure consistency between the technologies, standards and requirements of interested parties;
  • control the execution of approved Service quality levels, environmental indicators and systematically provide information to the direct manager or responsible persons about the non-compliance of these indicators;
  • analyse processes, non-conformities and their causes, make proposals for improvement (processes, procedures, working methods used, technologies, security measures, accounting);
  • analyse the claims and the reasons for their occurrence, offer measures for their elimination, improvement of processes;
  • perform internal audits in accordance with approved plans;
  • develop and deploy system/process, which will allow to identify non-conformities;
  • develop and deploy system to control process changes/exceptions.


  • university degree (in economics, process management, quality management);
  • experience in quality control for at least 3 years;
  • good knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards, AEO requirements, GDP strong interpersonal, communication, negotiation and consultative skills at all levels;
  • good analytical skills;
  • advanced computer skills (BI, Office 365, IT knowledge);

experience performing internal/external quality and process audits;

  • fluent English skills (oral and written);
  • knowledge of logistics/distribution processes;
  • good change management skills;
  • professional communication, teamwork, planning and organizational skills;
  • ability to practically improve quality management system.

We offer

DPD is a leading parcel delivery company, managing over 20.000 deliveries a day, operating over 500 vehicle fleets with 13 terminals in Lithuania. Customer friendliness and Global competence are the special features of our service and have always been so, ever since we were founded. DPD can guarantee our customers reliability and efficiency which they appreciate and enjoy. We are constantly looking for new better ways of working investing into innovative solutions and new technologies in parcel business.


2000-2200 eur/mon. gross
Tarp TOP 20 Lietuvoje
UAB „DPD Lietuva“

UAB „DPD Lietuva“

UAB “DPD Lietuva” () – sėkmingai veikianti tarptautinė smulkių siuntų pervežimo įmonė, besiorientuojanti į aukščiausios kokybės paslaugų teikimą, vertinanti kompetentingus, motyvuotus, iniciatyvius, atsakingus ir nuolat siekiančius tobulėti darbuotojus.

Konfidencialumą garantuojame. Apie atrankos rezultatus informuosime tik į pokalbį pakviestus kandidatus.

Atsiliepdami į karjeros skelbimą ir pateikdami savo CV, Jūs patikite savo asmens duomenis UAB „DPD Lietuva“ bei sutinkate, kad juos rinksime ir tvarkysime kandidatų į darbo vietas atrankos tikslais. Išsamiau su mūsų vykdoma kandidatų asmens duomenų tvarkymo politika galite susipažinti
information about UAB „DPD Lietuva“
Number of employees
30-50 mln. €
Revenue 2020 y.

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