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UAB „Satalia Lithuania“

Senior Back-End Developer

1800-3000 €/mėn. Į rankas
Kaunas - UAB „Satalia Lithuania“

Job Description


Satalia Workforce uses deep learning to predict demand and algorithms allocate the optimal number of employees to that demand whilst considering all business rules (including: skills, employee preferences, company policy, regulation, profitability, travel and diversity). It then utilises optimisation algorithms to schedule employees fairly and consistently to shifts within a 6-week period aiming at increasing conversion rate and employee satisfaction. The optimisation model takes into account 20+ business constraints, required skill set, employee availability and preferences, and more. We are currently testing predictions and schedules in stores and are planning for the UI / UX work. The aim for our client is to use the tool in all stores (100+) by the end of 2019.

The technology stack you will find in the project: Java 8+, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Amazon Redshift, gRPC. Solving challenges and teamwork will be your daily routine, business trips to the UK (London) will take place every 3-4 months.

This project is part of a wider Workforce Product which operated in the Retail and Professional Services sectors. You’ll be working in an agile team of 18+ people that specialises in software engineering, data science and optimisation. The team is split between UK, LT, Austria and China.


Take architectural decisions, e.g. which technology to use for which kind of data flow
Gather and evaluate user (client) feedback
Recommend and execute improvements
Breakdown the big problems to smaller ones and distribute them among team
Integrate software components and third-party programs
Connect the dots by understanding the different components and modules
Teach and mentor less experienced developers
Create technical documentation for reference and reporting


Produce clean and efficient code based on client and team agreed specifications
Experience with databases and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks (e.g. Hibernate)
Experience with software design and development
Knowledge of Java and Spring Boot framework
Familiarity with Agile development methodologies
Resourcefulness and troubleshooting aptitude
Attention to detail
Ability to learn new languages and technologies
Strong communication and collaboration skills

Company offers

Flat organisational structure
Learning environment
Challenges and possibility to move between projects
Work in autonomous and self-organised teams
Business trips to UK and elsewhere
Remote work
Flexible working hours
Office perks and benefits


1800-3000 €/mėn. į rankas
UAB „Satalia Lithuania“

UAB „Satalia Lithuania“


As an organisation, we push the boundaries of data science, optimisation and artificial intelligence to solve the hardest problems in industry. Satalia is a community of individuals devoted to working on diverse and interesting projects that will challenge and allow you to develop new skills, lead and contribute to the overall community.

Our ambition is to become a decentralised organisation of the future. Today this involves developing tools and processes to liberate and automate manual repetitive tasks, with a focus on freedom, transparency and trust.

At the core of our thinking is an emphasis on well-being and inclusivity. We unpack human behaviour and unpick prejudice to ensure a safe and inviting environment.
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2987 €
Vid. atlyginimas bruto
(2 kartus didesnis už LT vidurkį)
Darbuotojų skaičius
1-2 mln. €
Pajamos 2018 m.
Darbuotojų pasiskirstymas pagal atlyginimus (neatskaičius mokesčių):
25% uždirba iki 1626 €
25% uždirba 1626-2605 €
25% uždirba 2605-4202 €
25% uždirba nuo 4202 €