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Software Engineer

4100-5800 eur/mon. Gross salary
Foreign country: Netherlands - BOL.COM B.V.

Job description

Are you into windmills, wooden shoes and code that inspires 10 million people? Hop aboard ‘spaceship’’ and land safely in The Netherlands!

We guarantee a safe landing in The Netherlands and offer the relocation support .

As Software
  • You develop clean, high-performance code that facilitates and inspires over 10 million customers, 23k partners, and 1,600 colleagues
  • You find and implement ways to make solutions scalable and future-proof
  • You help your team grow and team up with business stakeholders to ensure that solutions add customer value
  • You take full, end-to-end ownership over all team solutions
  • You experiment with cutting-edge tooling – including tooling you add to the stack

Although our platform business model may sound familiar, our approach to network retailing sets us apart from the usual suspects. So much so, in fact, that while we admire the achievements of international platforms, we don’t necessarily consider them our peers. We opt for a more localized approach (up close and personal!) and our ways of working reflect our DNA. At, it’s all about autonomy and taking ownership, so end-to-end responsibility is the norm. Can you shoulder that?

As Software Engineer, you will join one of our Scrum teams. We believe in ownership, and you will have a mandate (together with your team) to develop features end-to-end. At, we are big on autonomy, and that makes us strong. We expect you to make all (technical) choices along the way but also to assume ownership when things go awry. You build it – you run it – you love it is our mantra, and we live it every day. Every Scrum team is part of a Fleet – every Fleet part of a Space. As for your GPS location within the universe, check below which one you may call your (temporary, because moving between spaces is possible) home.

The Shopping Experience Space builds and runs the store environment, ranging from Search (elastic as a rubber band) to our App, and from Subscriptions to Checkout. The team is customer facing, multidisciplinary, crazy about Kotlin, Google Cloud, React and Redux. And slightly quirky. Ever tried to complete a racetrack on your office chair? Join us and you can strike that one off your bucket list!

The Retail Platform Space developers are the primary enablers of our external partners. Here you’ll crunch code that helps partners to entice our customers with amazing offers. Machine learning to improve sales-forecasts? An engine that determines the perfect price point? Tools that tell partners what customers want and expect? Automated reminders? We have our partners’ backs!

The Logistics Space streamlines the physical flow of all goods. No easy feat, because we ship 16m individual products, and offer disruptive fulfilment services. No drones yet, but everything is on the table. We also support one the largest and most sustainable (BREAAM award winner, home to colleagues, bees and bats) fulfilment centers in the EU.

The Content & Marketing Space is one navy that consists of two fleets. ;-) Content focuses on product information and processes over 700,000 changes each day, every day. The Marketing Fleet assures our relevance. Both as a brand, and on a customer facing level. SEA, SEO, APM, personalization? Machine learning, Java, Spring, Postgres, BigQuery? Been there, done that.

The Platform Space keeps the fabric of our entire universe together. They also enable roughly 500 developers in other spaces to shine like stars. Home to the hardcore techies, we deliver the data (BigQuery, PubSub, Postgres), Provisioning (Kubernetes, VM’s), and Application (Continuous delivery, metrics, logging) goods.


Our Software Engineer
  • Takes pride in writing quality code in Java (8)
  • Gets bonus points for Kotlin, GO and/or Google Cloud Stack experience
  • Is a true pioneer, both when it comes to coding and tooling
  • Wants to team up with a market leader that feels like a scaleup #campusenvironment
  • Enjoys keeping close tabs on outcomes and business value
  • Looks forward to discovering the land of ‘windmills and wooden shoes’
  • Is a code crafts(wo)man who is into ownership, autonomy and sharing with peers
  • Subscribes to our mantra: you build it – you run it – you love it

We offer

What you’ll get
As Software Engineer, you’ll join a Scrum team you can rely on for insights, feedback and continuous professional growth. The setting? Think ‘campus’, including a game room and soccer field. Despite our size, we make fun of rigid rules and traditional work structures. We may be a market leader, but you won’t get a whiff of the corporate odor you associate with that. Our strength derives from working together as equals and constantly improving each other. After all, you can accomplish great things on your own, but so much more with your colleagues! Given that over 25% of our IT fleet consists of internationals – if you want the recipe for a Brazilian feijoada or want to sample authentic Greek mezze, Utrecht is the place to be – we have a lot of relocation experience. As for our ways of working, check out the videos on our career site: .


4100-5800 eur/mon. gross salary
Autonomy, working together and an unique and innovative work environment. That’s what makes working at challenging! But we will give you something in return. At the vacancy, you will find the range of salary for this role. During your application process, we get to know you, your capacities and work experience, and we will give you an appropriate proposal.

Besides salary we also reward you with a yearly bonus, based on your personal development and results of

Furthermore, you will receive:
  • Holiday allowance of 8%
  • Holiday entitlement of 29 days
  • Group insurance
  • Travel allowance
  • Pension scheme


With over 10 million customers, 30 million monthly visits and 16 million products, is the leading online retail platform in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our roots are as a ‘traditional’ online retailer, but we embrace a platform-first philosophy. Case in point: one in three orders is fulfilled by our partners. And while we do have a few international ‘platform peers’, we don’t copy/paste their practices. Instead, we opt for a localized and personalized approach. Data-driven and adventurous, we fully intend to deliver on our promise to make life easier and more fun for our customers.

As a digital native, we thrive on IT. We currently employ 500+ IT professionals (25% internationals), who comprise 90+ autonomous Scrum teams. Our primary tech stack includes Java (8), Kotlin, GO and Google Cloud stack. If you are into windmills, wooden shoes and code that inspires 10 million people, you’re more than welcome to hop aboard. We guarantee a safe landing in The Netherlands and offer the relocation support .

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