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Systems Analyst

Nuo 2455 €/mėn. Neatskaičius mokesčių
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Kaunas - Intellerts

Job description

We are looking for an experienced System Analyst to join our team!
Intellerts is an innovative company. Our goal is to help the business stay ahead of its competitors using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. We love to maximize the potential of AI and Data Science. Applying AI requires extensive Data Science expertise we harvest the true value of Big Data. Every day, we translate AI technologies and AI research into new business assets.
Three core values drive our company and team culture: mastery — being good at what we do (the pursuit of mastery), autonomy — the ability to decide how we do what we do (right to self-organize and self-govern), and purpose - to have a clear understanding of why we do what we do.
As a System Analyst, you will be responsible for collecting and analyzing software requirements for developing web-based applications. You will need to create software requirements specifications for developers and programmers to follow. You will be analyzing processes and implementing new solutions to improve the overall efficiency of the operations. You will be working with our team of engineers and developers who are proficient in IT, programming and software development.

  • Meet and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to establish project scope, system goals, and requirements;
  • Structuring and prioritizing business requirements and communicating plans with stakeholders for review and approval;
  • Communicate with users to understand and collect their additional requirements and needs;
  • Identify new system requirements;
  • Develop, analyze, prioritize, and organize requirement specifications;
  • Translate user requirements into clear technical specifications for software developers;
  • Write Use Case and Test Case specifications;
  • Design data models, diagrams, and flowcharts for developers and testers;
  • Manage the set-up and configuration (customization) of systems;
  • Run training sessions and workshops on system processes;
  • Suggest solutions for process improvement;
  • Provide documentation of all processes and training as needed


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology, or equivalent experience;
  • 4-6 years' experience working with information technologies and systems analysis;
  • Critical thinking ability;
  • Strong problem-solving capacity;
  • Project management skills;
  • Good time-management skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines;
  • High-level written and verbal communication skills;
  • Excellent technical writing skills;
  • Knowledge of software design methodologies, such as UML;
  • Knowledge of data modeling and data visualization tools;
  • Knowledge of Agile software development principles;
  • Strong computer, hardware, software, and analytical skills;
  • Proven ability to assess business needs and translate them into relevant solutions;
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of the principles and practices associated with database maintenance and administration;
  • Experience installing, configuring, documenting, testing, training, and implementing new applications and systems;
  • Working knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages;
  • Excellent analytical skills.

We offer

  • Autonomy to define how you are going to do work;
  • Flexible working hours, ability to work from home, and professional development;
  • The possibility to lead your team;
  • The opportunity to grow in your field in an international company;
  • The opportunity to develop innovative technological upgrades and see how they grow;
  • Excellent working conditions;


Nuo 2455 €/mėn. neatskaičius mokesčių


Intellerts is a full-service data science company which operates in a broad range of domains, from retail to industry and from banking to government. Our core capabilities are in the field of Data Science and AI. For more information visit our page at .