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UAB „BAA Training“


Nuo 1653 €/mėn. Neatskaičius mokesčių
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Vilnius - UAB „BAA Training“
The Talent Acquisition Partner will deliver our talent acquisition strategy to ensure a proactive approach to talent acquisition that truly reflects our purpose, principles and values and that fully supports diversity and inclusion within the company. Working closely with HR team, focusing on selection, recruitment and onboarding of different levels: specialists, managers, aviation, technical, finance, compliance, IT staff and other operating as well as support positions, the Talent Acquisition Partner will provide an engaging and inclusive recruitment experience in line with agreed organizational needs and a world-wide candidate experience.

What would we expect you to bring:

  • Proven experience of developing a talent acquisition strategy;
  • End-to-end recruitment activities, such as talent sourcing, talent pipeline, market benchmarking, etc.;
  • Strong relationship building skills and developing effective partnerships;
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple recruitment campaigns and deadlines.

What would your daily scope cover:

  • Ensuring job adverts effectively reach a diverse pool of talented candidates;
  • Delivering creative search and selection methodologies to create an inclusive recruitment process in tight terms and fast changing environment;
  • Building proactive and effective talent and candidate pipelines to ensure there is a sustainable source of candidates to achieve recruitment numbers and organization goals;
  • Building effective relationships with middle and top managers (your direct clients) and HR Team, providing a consultative approach to talent acquisition;
  • Owning the people acquisition process and tracking tools to ensure the delivery of an effective recruitment process;
  • Directly sourcing candidates through various channels, including online and social media;
  • Ensuring positive, most up to date and methodological newcomer’s experience;
  • Searching for the best selection sources in companies’ owned units worldwide: Lithuania, Spain, Vietnam and China (perfect command of English Language is necessary);
  • Timely and professional formatting and placing job advertisements;
  • Timely and professional job proposals delivery to the candidates;
  • Setting daily KPIs and long-termed goals and ensuring they are managed properly and timely;
  • Pro-actively participating in HR process improvement strategy;
  • Providing timely reports to HR Department Director (excel skills, PPT skills are necessary).

What we offer you:

  • A very dynamic, ambitious and ready to support colleagues, multicultural environment;
  • Health Insurance package in compliance with company policy;
  • Additional holiday days in compliance with company policy;
  • A new office just 6 km from the city center Airport Direction;
  • Child care zone, gym, entertainment flight with a simulator.

If you have previous talent sourcing, selection, recruitment, managers’ coaching on talent attraction and acquisition experience,
If you are never tired of people, always ready to help, have strong organizational skills and attentiveness to details,
If ethics and common sense mean more than just wording for you, if you understand this position as Brand Ambassador’s position,
If you see challenges as a way to improve rather than a way to give up- this might be a position you fully adjust and develop yourself in. Lets’ talk it over!


Nuo 1653 €/mėn. neatskaičius mokesčių
UAB „BAA Training“

UAB „BAA Training“

"BAA Training” – vienas iš TOP 3 didžiausių nepriklausomų aviacinių mokymų centrų Europoje, teikiantis pilno spektro aviacinių mokymų sprendimus privatiems ir verslo klientams. Šiandien jau dirbame su klientais iš 96 šalių ir toliau augame įgyvendindami ambicingus plėtros Europoje ir Azijoje planus. Mūsų kasdieninė misija – užtikrinti aviacijos bendruomenę aukšto kvalifikacijos aviacijos profesionalais.
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2369 €
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(69% didesnis už LT vidurkį)
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10-20 mln. €
Pajamos 2018 m.
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25% uždirba 1322-1785 €
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25% uždirba nuo 2655 €

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