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Technical operator

850-1300 eur/mon. Net

Job description

  • Conducting and supervising the required maintenance activities of the Employer's LNG stations and gas pipelines in Lithuania in the scope of:
– Conducting operational works for the Employer's infrastructure,
– Planning and accounting for operational activities at the Employer's LNG stations based on the applicable procedures and instructions,
– Supervising the intervals related to the operational activities of the Employer's facilities,
– Participating in commissioning and gasification of LNG regasification stations, internal installations / gas pipelines of the Employer,
– Conducting the necessary tests, inspections, visual checks and maintenance of Cryogas M&T Poland LNG stations in a manner consistent with the requirements of the operating instructions and technical and operational documentation of the facility
– Detecting operational non-compliance and implementation of corrective and preventive actions for LNG stations, gas networks of the Employer
  • Support over the selection of suppliers as part of construction projects for the gas infrastructure in Lithuania.
  • Supervision and support over the selection of suppliers as part of construction and installation work as part of the construction of the gas infrastructure in Lithuania.
  • Supervision, support and participation in processes related to obtaining consents for the operation of facilities implemented by the Employer in Lithuania, including active participation in the commissioning of facilities by local institutions, public administration bodies, and other authorised services.
  • Implementation and activation of activities aimed at establishing the Employer as the official contractor for gas installations, including LNG and LCNG stations, in Lithuania, in accordance with applicable law and using the Employer's personnel resources.


  • Technical secondary education as a minimum,
  • Licences to operate gas appliances in accordance with Lithuanian law, including LNG installations (if required),
  • Experience in operating gas equipment in Lithuania, minimum 3 years,
  • Good command of English,
  • Availability,
  • Driving license,
  • Command of Polish,
  • Experience in operating LNG installations,
  • Knowledge of LNG, CNG, and LCNG (NGV) technologies,
  • Higher technical education.

We offer

  • Attractive salary and bonuses;
  • Full-time employment contract;
  • Necessary work tools (company car, laptop, mobile phone);


850-1300 eur/mon. net
CVB klientas


Poland, an intensively developing company in the energy industry.

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