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Šiuo metu įmonė neturi aktyvių skelbimų.

TGA Systems GmbH

Quality is not something that happens by chance.
It is the result of careful planning, paired with innovative technology and well developed skills.
Communication is what we focus on and serve for – and quality is the one requirement we strive to meet.

GRUPO TGA – the TGA Company Group, was started as a service company for telecommunication services in the late 90’ and targeted to not only be a carrier in the traditional telephony branch, but it focused on enhancing its set of value added services along with unifying and converging fixed and mobile telephony networks.

As technology evolved, TGA Networks did too, moving on to the Next Generation Network business.

As quite often a network’s specific features are supported by inclusion of terminals and equipment, in parallel we also worked on the development of hardware units for inclusion in the local operations within our networks.

Nowadays we centralize technology and services into the Wired Area Network, when we merge the NGN through WAN with onsite systems like Centrex, IVR and ACD Systems for SOHO, enterprises or call centers.

At Grupo TGA, we combine many service fields within the huge universe of communication, because this is what we love to do: system and service provision, integrated telecom and outsourced dialogue services.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how you do communicate.

We are ready to share with you our experience and deliver solutions – no matter if it is a NGN network you need, or if it is having your calls being answered with a smile in the voice.