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Web Application Developer

Work place

Job description

Joberate is expanding operations in Lithuania and are looking for creative and highly intelligent developers with technical and scientific educational backgrounds. We are also looking for motivated or self taught programmers. The successful candidate must have a passion for programming, and show demonstrable expertise in more than one modern programming languages.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

⚬Design, code, and support a new data analytics platform
⚬Create and support various applications, APIs, and 3rd party tools
⚬Create system architecture and design, and tune and optimize code
⚬Provide ongoing data quality monitoring and support


Basic qualifications:

⚬ Solid knowledge of OOP and LAMP or MEAN Stack, and SQL or NoSQL Databases
⚬ Strong proficiency in at least two of the following programing languages: PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++/C#, Java
⚬ At least 4 years of work experience, preferably in LAMP or MEAN ⚬Stack environment OR significant university-level programming experience and a Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science, mathematics or physics
⚬ Ability and desire to work with both Lithuanian and American development team members
⚬ Experience working in a fast-paced environment
⚬ Excellent oral and written communication skills
⚬ Strong command of the English language

Desired skills:

⚬ Ability to learn independently, with demonstrable problem-solving ability
⚬ Cloud Computing & Database Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Microsoft Cloud (Azure)
⚬ Experience with any of the following SQL Databases, specifically: MySQL, MariaDB, MS-SQL Server, Oracle DB (the ability to construct complex database schemas and using stored procedures in either)
⚬ Experience with any of the following NoSQL and key/value pair data stores, specifically: MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB, BigTable, Hypertable, and Hadoop
⚬ Experience with scraping, parsing, cleansing, and validating data
⚬ Proficiency in manipulating complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varied sources using big data integration
⚬ Javascript expertise, Symfony 2, jQuery, REST & creation of RESTful APIs, JSON, XML, xHTML, Node.js, Stored Procedures, Git, Github, Bitbucket, ORM frameworks, DB Administration, Sharding, Indexing, Load Balancing, and Performance Tuning practices

We offer

We are excited to offer:

⚬ Competitive salary
⚬ Exposure to Big Data analytics
⚬ Being a part of building a multicultural development team and building a cutting edge technology platform

Only successful candidates will be contacted.

UAB "Joberate"

Joberate UAB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of US-based, Joberate, Inc. Joberate® has developed a big data analytics platform to measure job seeking activities of the global workforce, enabling organizations to make evidence-based recruiting and talent retention decisions.

Blue chip companies are using Joberate to power a whole new generation of real-world business applications in Human Resources.

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