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UAB "Inulti"
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Web Designer

500–900 Eur
Vilnius - UAB "Inulti"

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A fast-growing Lithuanian tech company working on its own global projects(no client work) is looking for a web designer to work full-time at our office in Vilnius old town. If you're passionate about UX/UI, want to work on the same few projects to make them perfect and sometimes don't mind doing some minimal graphic design work like banners on the side, then this is the job for you.

Even if you don't have a lot of experience it's fine for us as long as you are passionate about web design and are willing to improve yourself.

Your job will include:
  • website design
  • app design
  • user interface design
  • analysing how our customers interact with our websites and apps and creating a better user experience for them
  • landing page design
  • design of minimal static banners

You will be given the responsibility for all of the design in our company.


  • Good Adobe skills;
  • Good understanding of UX/UI principles;
  • Good English skills;

Experience with Sketch would be a plus.

Mes jums siūlome

  • Office in Vilnius old-town
  • Semi-flexible working hours
  • Timely salary
  • Professional development (courses, conferences, etc)
  • "Startup culture" in a well-financed and successful company
  • Working on interesting international projects.


500–900 Eur atskaičiavus mokesčius
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UAB "Inulti"

inulti is an innovative internet and technology company that develops, advertises and operates successful businesses in global markets.

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