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UAB "Kontegna"
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Writer / journalist (on startups, new tech)

1000–2000 Eur
Vilnius - UAB "Kontegna"

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We ( provide our clients with comprehensive reports (position papers, "white papers", various prospectuses) and ideas/texts for indirect promotion articles. We also write and publish articles for our own brand where we discuss various trendy developments (please look up our company blog). We are looking for a person who could take a well developed idea and develop some substantial parts of text based on it.

Although we submit our final texts in English, you don't need to have a perfect English language proficiency (we have copyeditors). In some cases we can even go and translate a perfect text you create in Lithuanian or Russian. The most important skill is ability to analyze a topic and catch the main vibe.

We don't write on easy and popular topics such as self-improvement or and consumer oriented stuff, it is more for investors, startupers. Most of materials are connected to the trend of decentralization but that is the current trend and it will not last forever. We try to keep up the level pretty high — it is not yet an "academic" one but something quite close to that. Anyway, you will always have a clear description of what your next writing should be about.

Our clients are from all over the EU and the USA but do have a few in Vilnius too, so there's always a chance for you to start with someone you can reach out to directly, in your native language, and get to understand the task better.


1) Perfect writing skills (in Lithuanian as a minimum; importantly you need to have a very broad vocabulary and be an erudite, to some reasonable extent; if you texts are perfect in LT, we can always try to translate and copyedit; the starting core has to be advanced).
2) Good ability to compose short stories. By this we mean some basic knowledge of short genres in general (how to build a good short story, a post, an article).
3) Ability to freely communicate in English. Again, you don't need to be an English writer but you need to communicate freely with each potential client.
4) Some solid knowledge of business practices in the startup world. You need to sound reasonable when writing about business in general. You need to know how this world runs. This can't be taught in a short-term so please don't apply if you don't feel confident.
5) Interest (or, better, knowledge) in blockchain tech (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). We will teach you a lot and this is a big plus of this offer but if you already made some research of your own, that would certainly be a plus.
6) Some blogging experience is a plus. Many good writers do not blog. We understand. To become a popular blogger one needs to write many posts that would probably insult her or his intelligence. But that sort of experience does help to understand the human nature. We don't rush for likes in any way, we need quality writing, but, still, if you are/were a blogger — that's a plus.
7) Some knowledge of a simple publishing software is a plus (same for infographics, diagrams). Most of the times you will be using just GoogleDrive tools. But it does help if you have some experience in preparing documents for a printable or web format. That would raise your value in the team.

Mes jums siūlome

We are a well known consultancy in the blockchain field (globally). For a journalist type person, the job is comparatively calm — we sort of move in to our client's office for two - three months and do our job couching their project. Every other day you can work remotely. You may also get some %% from projects' proceeds on top of the salary.


1000–2000 Eur atskaičiavus mokesčius
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UAB "Kontegna"

UAB "Kontegna"
Informacija apie UAB "Kontegna"
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20-30 tūkst. €
Pajamos 2016 m.
Vadovas: Lev Reizin

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