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RBFC Global Limited

RBFC Global Limited is looking for an experienced Chief Operational Officer with experience in Crypto to deal with one of the most important processes in our company!

RBFC is a New-Zealand based and regulated Financial services provider, that owns a cryptocurrency exchange called Royalcoins, with an international focus. Royalcoins is offering the most powerful and flexible tools for cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy and sell a big variety of crypto assets, or trade them against different fiat currencies. Our goal is to turn the cryptocurrency market upside down, by providing a boutique service to each customer, regardless of their ticket sizes.

Our team consists of dedicated and entrepreneurial thinking millennials, that truly believe in the success of the project and the idea behind it. Our main business approach is to think big or go home. Therefore we are looking for someone with the right attitude to support and provide a creative approach, in line with our current team.

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