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UAB „Russo-Balt“ siūlo darbą:

UAB „Russo-Balt“

UAB “Russo-Balt” is a DMC/Incoming Russia & Baltics.

  • 30 years of expertise in guided vacations and know-how about our destination
  • Multilingual offices
  • Dynamic team with a passion to make the travel experience of our guests rich in memories about our destination
Our mission is to provide an unbeatable travel experience in the destination that an individual traveller or one travelling with a competitor would not have.
Our three guiding principles
  • Show must see sights in the destination
  • Take our guests below the surface of the destination
  • Ensure that we make the entire travel experience completely effortless in the destination
We believe that that travel broadens horizons, opens eyes, breaks down barriers and enriches the soul.

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