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UAB „Ursus LT“ siūlo darbą:

UAB „Ursus LT“

Ursus LT is an global forwarding agency and provides a complete range of services for the international delivery of cargos, transportation within Russia and CIS countries, EU by all transport modes for many years.
We can offer for foreign customers MORE THAN JUST TRANSPORT SERVICE:

  • Export / import “door to door” service EU – CIS
  • Export / import “door to door” service EU – EU
  • Warehouse service in Vilnius and other cities of Baltic Countries
  • Weekly delivery of groupage cargo from All EU countries
  • Complete consultations concerning import /export operations.

Ursus LT has a huge experience in this field and it may be shared with solid and reliable partners. Our main directions are from RU to EU and backwards, we are covering not only close regions like St Petersburg or Moscow, but further as well  Ural, Siberia, Kazachstan ).

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